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Salma Hayek wears sheer top for dinner with Tom Cruise

salma hayek
Salma Hayek, in sheer top, gets ignored by fans who swarm Tom Cruise. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Salma Hayek-Pinault is a well-known name with a recognizable face and impressive history in movies. She is also married to a highly successful businessman, François-Henri Pinault.

The gorgeous Salma is likely used to being the center of attention–that changed when she dined with her longtime pal Tom Cruise.

Tom and Salma go way back and starred in the 2006 film Ask The Dust with Irish actor Colin Farrell.

When the Mexican-American actress went to dinner with pal Tom Cruise, the two got swarmed as a horde of fans tried to get a piece of the Top Gun actor.

Surprisingly, fans left Salma in the dust as they all tried to get selfies with Tom, and Salma shared the hilarious video footage.

Salma shared the amusing footage on her social media and included a photo with the Mission Impossible actor looking buff and leading the way while she followed behind him in a sheer shirt.

Salma Hayek dines with Tom Cruise and husband François-Henri Pinault in London

Salma Hayek posted a chaotic video featuring Tom Cruise on a night out in London.

She paired the shirt with a brown flowing skirt and black leather boots. Salma’s husband was also present as the trio dined at a London eatery.

Salma also took a video of the chefs in the kitchen as they listened to upbeat music. The kitchen cooks were more interested in Salma and waved to her and smiled, showing the gorgeous actress still received some love.

She wrote in the caption, “When you take your friend Tom to dinner. Cuando invitas a tu amigo Tom a cenar. #tomcruise” offering an English and Spanish translation.

The clips were anxiety-inducing for some who commented their disapproval of the hungry fans.

Commenters reflect on the Tom Cruise frenzy while fans ignored Salma Hayek

The photo and videos sparked many opinions from Salma’s followers. Some wondered if the actress got to eat, others wondered why no one was asking for Salma’s photo.

A commenter thought the fans took things too far and wrote, “Omg, give them a break ppl…. 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

salma hayek comment
Pic credit: @salmahayek/Instagram

Another fan asked, “Did you even get to eat?”

One fan wondered, “Where is all of the people that should be crowding around you wanting pictures with you? You’re amazing too.”

salma hayek comment
Pic credit: @salmahayek/Instagram

Tom, known to be friendly with fans, obliged as many fans as he could, stopping for selfies and smiling.

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