Salma Hayek stuns in mesh dress

Salma Hayek on the red carpet in 2022
Salma Hayek looked stunning alongside Channing Tatum. Pic credit: © Lingo/AdMedia

Salma Hayek looked stunning as she walked the red carpet for Magic Mike’s Last Dance premiere.

The gorgeous actress accompanied the leading man Channing Tatum as they walked the carpet together. While he was dressed in an open suit jacket with a black shirt underneath, Salma went a little more on the daring side.

Donning a black mesh dress that was adorned with flowers, Salma looked fantastic. She wore black undergarments, and the dress highlighted her curves.

Her toned abs were visible as the mesh dress only covered her midriff. It was a one-of-a-kind look for the night, and the raven-haired beauty rocked it.

Salma shared a shot of her and Channing on the red carpet but left the caption blank. There wasn’t a need for one, as the visual said everything that needed to be said.

With her high ponytail and select accessories, Salma was easily one of the best dressed on the red carpet for the Miami premiere.

Salma Hayek joined Magic Mike’s Last Dance last minute

While Salma Hayek looked terrific on the red carpet premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, she almost wasn’t a part of the movie.

It’s the series’ final installment, and she stepped into the project after Thandiwe Newton exited it. Salma raved about working with Channing Tatum and her enjoyment of the role.

She told PEOPLE, “It’s a dream come true for me to work with [director Steven Soderbergh] and Channing, who cannot be nicer and cooler, you know? He’s amazing. And we really got along well. It was a really fun job, and really, I think I made some good friends in that one.”

How does Salma Hayek stay fit?

Age is nothing but a number where Salma Hayek is concerned. She looks like she’s in her 30s due to her fit physique, but the Mexican actress is 56.

Would you believe that the raven-haired beauty rarely hits the gym? Probably not, but it’s true!

Because of the actress’ long hours (sometimes up to 20 a day), regularly getting into the gym can be impossible. However, she found a workaround that is helping to keep her in the best shape.

In another interview with PEOPLE‘, Salma talked about working with someone who taught her to hold her body in a certain way. That tip helps the beauty keep her muscles activated all day, allowing them to be worked out even when she’s not working out.

Salma says it is restorative yoga, and she doesn’t walk around with clenched muscles all day, every day. It seems to work for her as she still looks gorgeous and fit, especially while walking the red carpets.

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