Salma Hayek shares Magic Mike’s Last Dance preview

salma hayek magic mike
Salma Hayek shared a preview of her latest acting gig as she starred opposite Channing Tatum in the new Magic Mike movie. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Salma Hayek‘s latest acting gig is sure to make audiences sweat, and she is sharing a sneak peek to drum up publicity for the popular film.

The 56-year-old stunner shared a trailer for her latest project, Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Salma replaced actress Thandiwe Newton, who filmed for a short time with Channing Tatum before leaving the set abruptly.

Luckily for the Magic Mike crew, Salma was ready to take over the role, and from the looks of the trailer, she did a killer job.

Salma shared the movie trailer on her Instagram for the enjoyment of her 22 million followers on the platform.

Like Salma expressed in the clip’s caption, the share was meant to get the blood flowing.

Salma Hayek shares exciting Magic Mike’s Last Dance trailer

The video began with Channing overlooking the Miami skyline. His voice wondered, “What did you want before Miami?”

The clip then showed Channing dressed in a black vest and a white dress shirt as he appeared to be bartending.

A very well-dressed Salma sat on the other side of the bar in a bright pink ensemble with a plunging neckline. She responded to Channing’s question, explaining that she just wanted to escape her life. She held a fine crystal containing a dark beverage as she looked into the distance with a pensive expression.

Next, Salma’s character asked Channing’s character about his bartending job, and he revealed that bartending wasn’t really what he did.

Channing’s character proceeded to show Salma’s character what he really did, which involved a sultry dance and a passionate scene.

The film is scheduled for a February 10 release, which coincides with Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, depending on who celebrates.

Salma provided details about the movie in English and Spanish for her Instagram followers.

Salma Hayek talks diet choices

At 56 years old, Salma’s curves look better than ever, but she doesn’t starve herself to keep her phenomenal figure.

Salma told the New York Times about her dietary choices and explained that she doesn’t restrict her food intake much.

Salma explained, “The only thing I do is that I don’t eat animals every day. I eat all kinds of meat, but I consume it sparsely.”

Salma continued, “I would never eat two meats in a day. Sometimes I go several days without eating meat, but then I’ll go back.” 

Whatever Salma is doing is working because the beautiful actress looks better than ever.

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