Salma Hayek flashes cleavage in a wetsuit before going for a dive

Salma Hayek red dress
Salma Hayek is noted as one of the most influential actresses as well as one of the most beautiful in Hollywood. Pic credit: ©

Salma Hayek knows she looks good in a swimsuit and isn’t afraid to show off her curves.

The House of Gucci star rocked a purple bikini underneath a wetsuit before taking a dive in the ocean.

The 55-year-old actress is clearly a fan of the sea; two weeks ago, she shared a photo of herself taking a dip in the cold seawater.

In addition, she welcomed in the new year in a swimsuit at an exotic seaside location.

In a recent photo, Salma also donned a purple bikini, putting on a busty display that got a huge reaction.

In the most recent pic, Hayek showed off her radiant skin as she went make-up-free with her brunette hair in a knot before swimming with the sea creatures.

Salma Hayek puts on a busty display in a wetsuit

In the caption of the sizzling thirst trap, Salma wrote: “Some people run ?‍♀️ to visit the fish ? ?”

Salma struck a side profile pose in the Instagram photo as she got ready to dive into the ocean in Mexico.

Many commenters reacted to the cleavage-baring snap, wondering how the wetsuit was able to contain her ample assets.

“That zipper struggling ??‍??” a person wrote in the comment section.

“Damn that zipper can’t hold,” another joked in response to the photo.

“That scuba suit ready to pop any minute ?” an Instagram follower added.

Instagram comments
Pic credit:@salmahayek/Instagram

In the second photo, she shared a photo where she is equipped with diving gear as she appeared to be an experienced diver.

Salma isn’t afraid to go for a cold dip in the sea; two weeks ago, she shared a photo as she took the brave move.

“The pain and pleasure of cold water ?” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo.

She also welcomed the New Year while on vacation in Mexico in the water.

Salma Hayek reveals her encounter with an Octopus

Last year during an appearance on popular YouTube series Hot Ones Salma spoke about her love for diving and an encounter with an Octopus.

“I had an octopus one time explore me, it was very interesting,” she said while mimicking the sea creature, continuing:

“I stayed very still, but it goes dark. But at the beginning, there was some light going in there, and just to see their tentacles attached to the thing. You have to hold on to the respirator because they can pull it out, he was moving the mask and going on around me, and I stayed very calm and very still, and he explored me and left,” she explained.

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