Salma Hayek alongside Channing Tatum to tease Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Salma Hayek at an Oscar party.
Salma Hayek gave a fun glimpse at things to come in her new Magic Mike movie with Channing Tatum. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia 

Salma Hayek got fans excited as she gave some not-so-subtle hints of things to come in her new Magic Mike movie.

Sharing a clip from the film to keep her followers on the edge of their seats, Salma could be seen sitting down while wearing a silken-looking garment.

Her long, black hair was down and smooth for a pristine vibe, and she kept her eyes closed as one hand reached up to run across the chiseled surface of Channing Tatum’s abs.

“A tease of what’s to come in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend…” she captioned the shot before tagging Magic Mike’s Last Dance headline.

While it was not totally clear what type of setting the two actors were in at the time of the scene, fans might surmise that it was a bedroom or living room locale as some well-placed lamps and furniture could be seen.

For his part, Channing stood towering slightly over his counterpart, holding his hand over hers as it rested on his six-pack stomach and lifting his shirt up with his free hand.

Channing’s boxers could be seen peeking out from the top of his low-rise jeans, adding to the shot’s sex appeal.

Salma Hayek replaces Thandiwe Newton in Magic Mike

While Salma and Channing appear to have great chemistry on set, as evidenced in the actress’ recent post, Salma was not always slated to star opposite the Step Up actor.

The Pursuit of Happyness actress Thandiwe Newton was originally hired onto the highly-anticipated third installment of the smash franchise, but rumors of tension and arguments on set quickly shrouded the star’s image in relation to the movie.

Early in the spring, Thandiwe allegedly was spotted engaging in a shouting match with Channing, supposedly related to differing opinions regarding Will Smith’s infamous Oscar slap against Chris Rock.

Thandiwe was subsequently fired from the film, though she continued to deny she was let go as a result of the disagreement, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Reps for the actress claimed she left of her “own free will,” citing family problems as the reasoning behind her abrupt departure.

Regardless of how or why Thandiwe quit the film, it appears that replacing the actress with Salma was a good fit as she and Channing have dropped a few hints that they have gotten along great.

Salma Hayek dances with Channing Tatum for his birthday

Not long after Salma was brought onto the Magic Mike set, the actress took to her Instagram page to share a fun video clip as she and Channing danced together.

Apparently celebrating Channing’s birthday, the duo looked to be having the best time together as they did some salsa moves and laughed.

Twirling around what was likely one of the pair’s movie trailers, both stars could be seen throwing their heads back for some good giggle sessions as they moved their feet around the floor.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is slated for release on February 10, 2023.

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