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Sailor Brinkley Cook in plunging blue swimsuit for ‘wet hot European summer’

Sailor Brinkley Cook poses for a picture.
Sailor Brinkley Cook enjoyed some swimsuit time while on vacation. Pic credit: @sailorbrinkleycook/Instagram

Sailor Brinkley Cook, daughter of former supermodel Christie Brinkley, appeared to be enjoying some down-time while on a European jaunt.

The 24-year-old model shared a series of pics on her Instagram page this week as she kicked off “part one” of what she called her “Wet hot European summer.”

The blonde beauty could be seen from behind in her first photo as she sat ocean-side on a deck edge, showing off a smooth and tanned backside while rocking a deep-blue, one-piece swimsuit.

Keeping her long hair down around her shoulders, Sailor propped her hands on her hips and had her head tilted to the side while her feet dangled just above the water’s surface.

Sailor looked to be going on her adventure alongside some friends, with other snaps being visible further in her post and tags having been added.

Along with the fun pics of herself and her buddies frolicking around the beaches and getting their swim time on, Sailor shared some choice captures of the European countryside, though she did not specify which locales she had chosen to visit.

Sailor Brinkley Cook apologizes for tone-deaf interview

While Sailor seems to be living it up as she continues to strive for her own modeling dreams, just two years ago she found herself going on the defensive.

Sailor received backlash after giving what many deemed to be a tone-deaf interview with Good Morning America, discussing her struggles with anorexia.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Sailor publicly decried the interview following its release, citing omissions and statements that she believed were relayed in an out-of-context manner.

“When I agreed to do this interview I was under the impression that it would be in a positive light and would be inspirational. I ONLY agreed to do it during this awful time in America, because I thought it would be a small beacon of positivity for people who have dealt with the same things as me,” Sailor wrote on her Instagram page later on.

She also apologized for the way the interview came across to fans, writing, “It would’ve been shown in a very different light and would’ve highlighted the inspirational things I said rather than the explanation of what I went through as a 15-year-old.”

Sailor Brinkley Cook gets candid about her eating disorder

The same year she sat down with GMA, Sailor got candid on Instagram about her eating disorder and body dysmorphia struggles.

“I’ve been so down on myself recently. Crying about my cellulite, letting the fat on my body ruin my day, getting mad that i’m not as skinny as i once was. The body dysmorphia and left over eating disorder tendencies have been coming in strong,” she penned in a lengthy post.

“I go on instagram and scroll through photos of girls that look “perfect”.. shiny skin with not a bump to be seen, tiny little waist and thighs that look like chopsticks. And i compare myself, as if how someone on an app on my phone looks should directly correlate to how I feel about my body?” she lamented.

Sailor then shared that she was working on looking at the good things that were going on in her life, including being able to hit the gym six days a week, eat healthy food, and being “lucky” to have full use of her limbs and body.