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Sailor Brinkley-Cook in bikini flaunts pasta appetite

Sailor Brinkley-Cook smiling
Sailor Brinkley-Cook smiling. Pic credit: @sailorbrinkleycook/Instagram

Sailor Brinkley-Cook is proving that models absolutely do eat as she stuns in a skimpy bikini.

The 24-year-old Dancing With the Stars face and daughter to supermodel Christie Brinkley updated her Instagram ahead of the weekend with beachy photos as she flaunted her fit figure, also making it a foodie post as she confirmed she’s a pasta fan.

Posting for her 190,000+ followers, the blonde showed off her sensational bikini body while enjoying a sandy beach, tagging herself on the Italian island of Ischia and seemingly making the most of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The opening photo showed Sailor leaning forward as she rested both hands on a plastic lounger.

Backed by kids and adults enjoying the shore, the model sent out a sunkissed smile as her hair blew around in the wind, also wearing a super-tiny and pale pink bikini.

A swipe right tied into the pasta-centric caption – here, fans saw a delicious-looking plate of linguine with fresh lobster, herbs, and tomato sauce. Further photos showed off the shorefront perks, with Sailor also seen sunbathing with a friend as she squinted in the sunlight.

Yet more pasta featured as the gallery included the star’s dishes, plus her nights out.

In a caption, the IMG model wrote: “Più pasta per favore!” The Italian translates to: “More pasta please!”

Sailor Brinkley-Cook opens up about body image issues

Sailor has revealed that she developed an eating disorder around the age of 15. Speaking to In Style, the beauty stated:

“I’ve grown up with a lot of body issues. I spent my entire life being so insecure. When I did my first bikini shoot, I was worried because I don’t even have boobs; I’m a B cup. I don’t have all of these intensified assets that many bikini models do. Why should I be considered sexy?”

As so burning off all that creamy pasta, it looks like SBC is all set.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook reveals intense workout regimen

“In general, I try to work out every day. A normal workout would start with cardio. I’m a big runner—I try to run two miles a day. Then I work out with my trainer at Work Train Fight, doing HIIT workouts like burpees and lunges,” she continued, adding: “I work out like an athlete. I add on weight training, I box, and really push my muscles.”

Sailor has since updated to celebrate with more beach action, writing: “Si,” which translates to “Yes.”

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