Sabina Morgan: Who is Tracy Morgan’s first wife?

tracy morgan with ex wife sabina
Tracy Morgan with ex-wife Sabina. Pic credit: © Moskowitz, Globe Photos Inc.

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan recently announced that he and his wife Megan Wollover were separating after being married nearly five years.

The Saturday Night Live alum made the announcement to Fox News in a statement on Wednesday, also requesting privacy during the time.

This isn’t Morgan’s first marriage as he was previously married to Sabina Morgan. Here are more details about Tracy Morgan’s first wife.

Tracy met and married Sabina early in his life

Tracy Morgan was born in The Bronx, New York in 1968. He’d grow up in The Bronx and attend DeWitt Clinton High there. It was during that time in the mid-to-late 1980s that he met Sabina.

In a New Yorker report, Morgan recalled the time he met Sabina, a girl who was four years older than him. He was at a New York Yankees home game as they hosted the Minnesota Twins.

At that game, he spotted the first woman he’d end up marrying.

Morgan said he saw a “bomb-ass chick on a payphone” and told a friend “I could pull her like a hamstring,” referencing his ability to get her to be his girlfriend.

After striking up a conversation with Sabina, they hit it off, and ultimately the two had a relationship together.

Tracy and Sabina would get married in 1987. However, that was also a very tough year for Tracy Morgan.

Reportedly, Tracy dropped out of high school to take care of his father Jimmy, who was suffering from serious health issues due to AIDS.

Unfortunately, Jimmy passed away that same year.

Tracy and Sabina’s kids, divorce, tragic passing

When they met, Sabina had two children already and Tracy eventually adopted them as his own.

Prior to getting married, Tracy and Sabina also had a child together named Tracy Jr., so the couple would end up raising three kids together.

Tracy would go on to leave drug dealing for a comedy career. He’d go from standup comedy to becoming a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live in 1996.

He and Sabina would enjoy the married life for a number of years, but ultimately the couple separated for approximately eight years and then finally got divorced.

During that time of their separation, Tracy was still posting photos of him and Sabina on his Instagram.


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In January 2008, details came out that Sabina was filing for divorce from Tracy due to his drinking problem. Tracy had gone to court multiple times on drunken driven charges.

However, the divorce was merely the legal end to it all, as it was already over for a while, according to a source.

“Basically they were divorced without the paperwork,” one friend said according to New York Daily News. “It seems like he has had a different girlfriend every five months or so. In the past three years, I’ve met three girlfriends.”

The couple officially divorced in 2009. Tracy Morgan would go on to marry Megan Wollover in 2015.

In 2016, Sabina sadly passed away due to cancer.

Prior to Morgan hosting the ESPY Awards in 2019, he told Entertainment Weekly, “My ex-wife passed away from cancer three years ago, so when I go on that stage, that will be for my ex-wife.”

After five years of marriage to Megan Wollover, Morgan’s recent divorce announcement came as a surprise to many people. As of this report, no official reason has been cited for the divorce.

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