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Ryan Bowers dead at 24: San Diego rapper died in suicide

Ryan Bowers dead
San Diego rapper Ryan Bowers has died from suicide. Pic credit: Ryan Bowers/Instagram

San Diego rapper Ryan Bowers has died from suicide following multiple attempts to take his own life, according to Nick Cannon.

Cannon, who signed the up-and-coming rapper to his label, confirmed Bowers’ cause of death in an Instagram post as he reacted to his passing.

In a long tribute, Nick Cannon addressed his recent controversy while expressing his desire to have been there to prevent Bowers’ suicide.

“I can’t help but think if I wasn’t so engulfed in my own bulls**t I could’ve been there for you when you finally took your life after several attempts, Nick Cannon wrote in an Instagram statement.”

Over a year ago, San Diego Police Officer shot Ryan Bowers

San Diego rapper Ryan Bowers made headlines last year after he was shot by local police. He reportedly slashed his own throat prior to the shooting incident. In the lengthy tribute, Nick Cannon describes how the rapper survived the shooting, which he described as “unjustifiable” police conduct.

“Just over a year, ago a San Diego Police Officer rushed in his home and unjustifiably shot him placing him in a coma for months. I stood by his bedside and promised him that if he made it out & fought the good fight that I would make his dream come true and put his album out and share his story with the world.”

According to a local report, San Diego police claimed that Bowers confronted them with a knife after slashing his own throat. After a family member wrestled a knife out of Bowers’ hand, he allegedly picked up another knife and pointed it at responding officers.

Police officer Matthew Steinbach reportedly shot Ryan in the upper region of his chest, which left Bowers in a life-threatening condition.

Ryan Bowers recovered from the shooting and put out new music and performed shows in San Diego.

Ryan Bowers album
Ryan Bowers released his new album on July 1st. Pic credit: Ryan Bowers

Kehlani leads tributes following Ryan Bowers’ death

Tributes have been pouring in following the news of Bowers’ death. He was a popular hip-hop artist and producer in the underground scene of San Diego, building a following on Soundcloud.

Kehlani lead the tributes with the SweetSexySavage singer implying that she spoke to Bowers and begged him not to commit suicide:

i love you!! i’m so sorry!! our convo is finna haunt me for the rest of my life!! i begged u bro! im speechless!i’m angry and i know you’re at peace but this s**t ain’t ever gon make any sense to me!! rest in LOVE Ryan, I LOVE YOU!! 4L”

Kehlani Twitter
Kehlani pays tribute to her friend Bowers in a series of tweets. Pic credit: @Kehlani/Twitter

Ryan Bowers once appeared on MTV’s series Made back in 2010. His last Instagram post was about his private album release party on July 4th earlier this month. The last series of Instagram posts was promoting his latest album Running with Scissors.

Ryan Bowers was reportedly in a relationship with singer Lia Marie Johnson. The couple appeared together in the music video for the song Up All Night.

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  1. Nick Cannon done even look out for our boy like he suppose to, he ain’t got no right to speak for him! Everyone says they wish he took care of him right. He don’t even rep his own damn city! Let all of us speak for OUR homie! Not toe sell out.


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