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Russian actress Gia Skova in plunging swimsuit beats the heat with Santa Monica beach day

Gia Skova gazes into camera.
Russian actress Gia Skova wears plunging swimsuit as she hits the Santa Monica beach. Pic credit: © Smith/FeatureFlash

Russian actress Gia Skova wore a plunging swimsuit as she beat the heat for a Santa Monica beach day. In addition to acting, Gia has also appeared on many fashion magazine covers from around the globe.

The adorable swimsuit was navy blue with small white polka dots and was cropped to show off Gia’s lean legs and slim figure. The straps tied in charming bows, and the neckline stooped low.

Gia wore a large brown sun hat to protect herself, and it gave her look a regal appearance. The hat paired nicely with her straight blonde hair that whisked beautifully around her.

The accomplished model and stunt woman’s makeup was natural and complemented by nature’s beauty in the background. Her fingernails were painted a bold red, which provided an enjoyable pop of color against the calming blue of her swimsuit and the sea.

While Gia stole the show in beauty, the lovely beach was a close second. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and the blue sea waved behind her as she walked on the soft brown sand.

Gia seemed at peace as she enjoyed the warm weather in Santa Monica. It must have been a relaxing break compared to the 31-year-old actress’s usual schedule.

Gia Skova walks next to the beach in a swimsuit and large hat.
Gia Skova beats the heat in Santa Monica in a plunging swimsuit. Pic credit: Backgrid

Gia Skova was discovered at age 12

A talent scout for acting discovered Gia when she was only 12 years old. By age 15, she had begun her modeling career and won The Beauty of the Volga pageant.

Gia’s early success is especially impressive when considering her difficult background. Both of her parents died in a car accident when she was four years old, and after this, she was in the foster care system.

The Serpent actress reportedly felt isolated during her youth and had to work hard to overcome this. Gia’s hard work seems to have paid off, and her successes are an inspiration to many.

Gia Skova also has many memories of her childhood

Gia shared with Executives Diary about her background and childhood.

“I was born in a very small place that can hardly be found on the map,” the actress shared.

“When I was five years old, we moved from there,” Gia went on to say. “But the memories of the expanses of the steppe remained in my memory. I have a lot of childhood memories; I’m glad that I have them.”

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