Royal author praises Prince Charles, calls Prince Andrew an ‘oaf’

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla receive high praise, while Prince Andrew is considered unintelligent. Pic credit: ©

Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her 96th birthday, an amazing feat for anyone to accomplish. However, with her rising age and questionable health, many are concerned with what may happen when the Queen inevitably passes, and Prince Charles ascends the throne.

There are many conflicting opinions regarding Prince Charles as some people still think of him negatively due to the nature of his relationship with Princess Diana. However, author Tina Brown believes that Charles will be a “good king” no matter what the general public thinks of him.

Now that Camilla has been formally named Queen Consort, royal watchers have begun to speculate what will happen once Charles takes over the throne and what changes might happen once he’s in charge.

Princes Charles will be a ‘good king’

Brown confessed, “I actually think he’s going to come into his own when he becomes king.”

Charles has had beliefs regarding issues such as the environment and organic farming for quite some time, but now his ideas are mainstream and not as outlandish as before.

Brown added, “He’s very authentic. He’s always had his eccentric passions, but he’s also been very prescient, very ahead of the curve. He’s no longer seen as cranky; he’s seen as correct.”

She believes that his ideas will be shared and supported by his people by the time he becomes king. She added that “he’s going to be a very authentic voice” and likely a “powerful voice” regarding the climate change issue.

However, Prince Charles isn’t the only royal family member to receive high praise from Brown.

Camilla Parker Bowles ‘never complained’

Brown described Camilla as “tough” and “stoic” but also said, “she’s got a sense of humor.” The Queen Consort seems to be an under-appreciated and under-valued member of the family, potentially due to her rocky relationship history with Charles.

However, “she’s never said a damn word about her relationship with Charles. She’s never complained.”

Despite all the bad publicity, horrible comments, and general bad press, Camilla has taken it all in stride and never complained once about what was said about her.

However, there is one member of the royal family that Brown doesn’t seem to care for at all.

Prince Andrew is considered an ‘oaf’

Although Prince Andrew is generally considered Queen Elizabeth’s favorite, the same isn’t true for Tina Brown.

Andrew settled a sexual assault lawsuit earlier this year but has a history of friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Brown refers to Andrew as an “oaf” and “idiot” with only “limited intelligence” and “the most appalling taste in women.”

Prince Andrew recently faced backlash for walking into Prince Philip’s memorial service with the Queen on his arm and refusing to leave her side until the last minute, diverting the attention away from Prince Philip and onto himself.

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