Rose McGowan update: Actress ‘betrayed’ by Asia Argento, exposes breasts for birthday

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan is speaking out about Asia Argento’s story. Pic credit: @rosemcgowan/Instagram

Rose McGowan has been vocal about her support of the #MeToo movement, as she wants women and survivors of sexual abuse to speak up and give victims around the world a voice.

McGowan wants the topic to be an on-going conversation and not something where abusers are exposed and then forgotten about. McGowan, along with other celebrities, has been vocal about wanting justice for the victims.

But when the story of Asia Argento broke a few weeks ago, things changed. The mood surrounding the #MeToo campaign changed because Asia had been a huge influence on the campaign but was now being accused of assaulting a younger actor and paying him under the table to keep quiet about it.

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She has been accused of doing everything that the #MeToo campaign is set to expose.

Rose McGowan visited the set of Good Morning Britain and Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine while in London this week, where she revealed that she feels betrayed by Asia for what happened. Rose takes a stand on the issue, revealing that she’s convinced that Argento was lying to her about the allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Jimmy Bennett.

She believes that everything did happen and that she did indeed pay him $380,000 to keep silent about it. At the time, Jimmy was 17 and she was 37.

That would constitute statutory rape in many states, given he was underage at the time. It certainly does in California, where Bennett is expected to cooperate with authorities in an investigation into the matter.

After revealing that she felt betrayed by Asia, Rose McGowan continued her social media posts where she posed half naked to promote the idea that she can do what she wants with her body and her exposure of herself without being sexually assaulted.

She posted the free the nipple post, revealing she should be able to walk around with her nipples out without being the victim of sexual abuse, whether physical or verbal. While one photo of Rose in a bathtub that cuts off right before her nipples are shown is still posted, the other, much racier photo has been removed.

Are you surprised that Rose McGowan is taking Bennett’s side, calling Asia Argento out for betraying her and the #MeToo movement?

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