Roma Downey: Who is Mark Burnett’s wife who accused Tom Arnold of bruising her hand in ‘ambush’?

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey
Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett talking to Oprah Winfrey about their series The Bible back in 2013. Pic credit: OWN

Roma Downey, the devoted wife to Mark Burnett, has no problem standing up for her husband when things get tough.

Last night, Roma defended her husband Mark after Tom Arnold accused him of attacking and choking him at an Emmy party. While Burnett has not said anything publicly about the incident, Downey did speak out.

But who is Roma Downey? She married Mark Burnett, the executive producer behind Survivor and The Apprentice, in 2007.

But Roma has an impressive resume herself. She worked on Touched By An Angel for almost a decade and she’s a beloved Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress because of her work on the CBS show.

She also played Mother Mary in hit miniseries The Bible back in 2013, a series on which she and her husband were also executive producers.

It’s clear that her religion and God means the world to her. Roma Downey is the founder of, a website that shares content that aims to inspire, uplift, enrich and ignite, and which spans various topics, including entertainment, viral content, and faith.

Roma Downey has published several books, including Love Is a Family, Son of God, Love Makes a Family Display, and A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel. One of her more recent books is A Box Of Butterflies, which talks about how she sees butterflies as a sign of God in her life. The book documents her life from an early age and how religion has played a role throughout her struggles.

Despite all of her professional accomplishments, Roma Downey is also a mother of three children — Reilly Marie Anspaugh, Cameron Burnett, and James Burnett. As a mom, author, and actress, Downey has been recognized by Variety magazine as one of Hollywood’s 100 most powerful women.

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