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Rojean Kar: Where can you find YungSweetRo on Instagram?

Who is Travis Scott rumored mistress Rojean Kar?
Rojean Kar is also known as YungSweetRo on Instagram. Pic Credit: @RojeanKar/Instagram

Rojean Kar has used Instagram to set the record straight on rumors she had an affair with Travis Scott, causing his break from Kylie Jenner.

In the days since Jenner and Scott revealed they were taking time apart, several claims for the split have been reported.

One rumor making the rounds is that Scott cheated with Kar. She is using the platform that has made her a model to address the allegations.

Kar, who is also known as YungSweetRo in the social media world, denies she played a par in Jenner and Scott’s split.

“None of these rumors are true. It’s just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies & leave him, her & I alone, because it’s affecting real lives. Thank you,” she wrote in an Instagram Story that was captured by E! News.

The 27-year-old is no stranger to social media. She has been heating up Instagram for years. However, right now, the account, YungSweetRo, is set to private.

According to The Sun, the privacy change occurred last month. Fans of Jenner and Scott immediately began to wonder why the sudden need for privacy.

Social media sleuths did some digging to confirm there were photos of her and Scott that go back to 2013. Over the years, Kar often shared posts of her in the same place or area as the rapper.

There were never pictures of them together; only items her followers believed to be Scott’s. One pair of blue Jordan sneakers in the background of one of Kar’s bedroom photos, as well as a shot of her wearing a jacket beloved to be Scott’s, are a couple of clues Instagram followers uncovered.

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Last winter, after allegations Scott had cheated on Jenner emerged, the Kylie Cosmetics founder blocked Kar.

YungSweetRo was the one to spill Jenner had blocked her. Kar posted an Instagram story with a picture of the blocked status asking, “How many times a day do you block & unblock me girl.” She also included several laughing emojis.

Ironically despite all the cheating rumor claims, Kar was at Scott’s lavish birthday party in April. It was an invite-only shindig, thrown by Jenner. The Instagram model posted several videos and pictures from the bash.

It is worth noting there is also an Instagram account for Rojean Kar not set to private. Rojean Kar | YungSweetRo is under the bio section with the remark that it is a second account with comments open.

The bio of the second account also asks users to Paypal if they want to see a proof video. Posts on the feed allude to a romance with Scott, but that nor the account is verified.

Rojean Kar is making headlines again as Travis Scott’s alleged mistress. She denies the cheating claims, but that has not stopped Kylie Jenner fans for blaming Stormi’s parent’s split on the Instagram model.

What are your thoughts on Scott, Jenner, and Kar drama?

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