Roger Moore death tributes sweep social media…two years after he died

Roger Moore death social media
British actor Sir Roger Moore died two years ago but his death is now trending again on social media. Pic credit: ©

It appeared that Sir Roger Moore had died for a second time yesterday — after death tributes swept across Facebook and Twitter.

The legendary actor, best known for playing James Bond, died two years ago. However, many fans of the British actor seem to have just discovered that he is dead.

It is unclear why the actor’s death began trending on social media but many accounts ended up sharing the link to a 2017 BBC obituary announcing Sir Roger’s death.

The 2017 article announcing Roger Moore’s death first began circulating on Facebook. Some users revealed that a news app began circulating the old BBC report, which is why many believe Roger Moore’s death recently occurred.

The spreading of the news may also have started following the passing yesterday of well-known car dealer Pete Moore, who shares the same surname.

However, all the sharing left some social media users baffled.

How did Roger Moore die?

The Live and Let Die actor passed away on 23 May 2017 after a final battle with prostate cancer. The actor was previously diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993 but successfully treated the disease.

Moore had several health issues before passing away. The British actor, who starred in seven Bond films, was fitted with a pacemaker and was diagnosed with type II diabetes.

Sir Roger died at age 89 and is survived by his wife Kristina Tholstrup and his three children.

Along with a successful movie career, the late actor was known for his humanitarian work. Moore was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for services to charity.

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