Rod Stewart and son Sean face battery charges after New Year’s Eve fight

Rod and Sean Stewart are facing legal trouble.
Sean Stewart is one of rocker Rod Stewart’s eight children. Pic credit: © and Landmark-Media

Rod Stewart and his son, Sean Stewart, are facing battery charges for their involvement in a New Year’s Eve fight in Florida. The father and son reportedly got into it with a security guard while attempting to attend a private party in the children’s area at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, security guard Jessie Dixon told the local police Stewart and his group were at the check-in table when the altercation occurred. The drama began because the rocker, as well as his son and their crew, were not authorized to be at the event.

Jessie further stated the group became out of control and caused a scene. They were yelling, screaming, and cursing up a storm. When Jessie put his hands-on Sean in an attempt to calm him down and get him to back up, things got heated. Sean got nose to nose with Jessie. Then allegedly shoved him backward.

Rod reportedly stepped in after Jessie was shoved but not to help the security guard. Instead, the rocker punched him in his left rib cage. The police report obtained by THR indicates the Stewart family were the aggressors in the altercation. Two other employees working the event confirmed Jessie’s story.

There is also security footage to support all stories of the encounter. Jessie signed an affidavit stating he does intend to press charges against both Rod and Sean. They are scheduled to appear at an arraignment hearing on February 5.

It will be decided then if battery charges will be filed. Since Jessie has every intention of moving forward with charges and the evidence supports his claims, it does appear both Rod and Sean Stewart will be charged with battery.

Rod Stewart and his son Sean Stewart will soon face the music for their part in a New Year’s Eve fight. There has been no comment from Rod or Sean regarding the incident so far. The rocker’s rep has remained silent, and neither of them has posted on social media recently.

Stay tuned. There is definitely going to be more to the story of the famous father and son fight kicking off 2020.

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