Robin Bone in skin-tight red vinyl bodysuit says ‘Oops…I Did It Again’

Robin Bone poses for a picture.
Robin Bone got into the Halloween spirit as she took on a Britney Spears-inspired outfit. Pic credit: @robinbone/Instagram

Robin Bone got into the Halloween spirit in an epic way as she took on a pop icon for her costume choice.

The 26-year-old professional Canadian pole vaulter, who holds the title of USport Canadian National Record Holder for Western University and a three-time Canadian USport National Champion, seems to be taking the holiday seriously as she got gussied up in her best attire.

Looking eerily like the star she was embodying, Robin tasked herself with dressing up like singer Britney Spears, and the athlete absolutely nailed it on every level.

Undoubtedly causing scrollers to do a major double-take as they panned the internet, Robin was stunning in a skintight, red vinyl bodysuit and high, shiny, black pumps.

Keeping her hair super sleek and smooth and with a side part greased flat across her forehead and tucked behind an ear, Robin was the spitting image of the artist.

The inspiration for the look came directly from Britney’s music video for her smash Oops…I Did It Again, in which the singer famously rocked an identical outfit and hairstyle.

Robin Bone channels Britney Spears

Sharing a series of energetically-infused photos, Robin kicked things off with a bang as she gave a full-body view of her entire ensemble, showing off her super-fit physique in the second-skin regalia.

Robin paired the snap with a shot of Britney in her red suit, giving a similar pose to the one the track star pulled off for her shoot.

Next, Robin gave a close-up of her upper torso and face, showing fans that she had expertly applied the same makeup that Brit had worn in her video, with a dusting of pale, periwinkle eyeshadow splashed across her lids and lower brows and a pink gloss covering her lips.

She held her hands up to the sides of her face in a palms-out fashion, sharing a screenshot of Britney making the same moves.

The final photo showed Robin posing almost the same way, this time just curving her fingers slightly to give a claw effect as she fiercely gazed at the camera, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous and nearly indistinguishable from her pop star muse.

“Oops… I Did It Again,” Robin captioned the post before tagging Britney and adding a Happy Halloween note at the end.

While the track star continues to hold the populace captive with her fantastic pole vaulting skills and her ability to have a good time, Robin’s path toward domination of the track field hasn’t always been a cakewalk.

Robin Bone opens up about her fitness rituals

In an interview with Women Fitness, Robin shared some insight into her fitness regime, illuminating just how hard she has to work to stay fit and strong for her sport.

Robin shared that she often begins each day with a bowl of protein-filled oatmeal, throwing in chia seeds, flax, hemp, fruit, and almond butter for extra boosts of energy and nutrients.

During training seasons, Robin explained that her day-to-day routine is laid out by the minute, with her day starting at 7:00 with a half-hour exercise and mobility session.

She then transitions into a warm-up and what her coach calls “pre-training activation exercises” before they move on to three hours filled with circuit training, endurance and speed training, weight training, and an ice bath before eating a late lunch at 1:30.

The training day ends with a special athletic therapy treatment session and physical therapy.

When she isn’t in full-blown training mode, Robin said she enjoys using weighted balls to encourage her stability and flexibility, doing handstands with shoulder taps, inverted leg lifts, pull-ups, and chin-ups, among many other exercises.

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