Robin Arzón announces pregnancy with new photos

Robin Arzon
Peloton fitness instructor Robin Arzon announced that she is pregnant. Pic credit: Robin Arzon/Instagram

Robin Arzón, a Peloton instructor and runner, announced that she is pregnant during a Peloton workout. The 38-year-old fitness star took to Instagram to make the announcement official with new photos with her partner Drew Butler: “Big news! The wolf pack has been activated. Our growing baby is already so loved.”

Arzon is considered by many to be the face of Peloton, which is an exercise and subscription-based company. She is the current VP of Fitness Programming and the most popular instructor. Arzon joined the company in 2014 and quickly became VP in about two years.

It is unclear how long Arzon has been pregnant but her baby bump still appears to be small. She will continue to teach classes on the app in the meantime.

Arzon is the author of the New York Times bestseller Shut Up and Run, she is also an RRCA-certified running coach, personal trainer, and ultramarathon runner.

Peloton’s stationary bicycle starts at $2,245 and it has a $39-per-month membership fee. The company reportedly has one million subscribers and has been described as a ‘fitness cult’ due to the online community, which is described as a ‘family.’

The official Pelaton Instagram page congratulated Robin Arzon and Drew Butler on their pregnancy announcement.

“The queen has an announcement,” the caption reads and adds: “There’s a royal baby on the way! All our congratulations to @robinnyc and @iamdrewbutler who’ve given so much to our Peloton family. We can’t wait to welcome one more to the team!”

Arzon was a corporate lawyer and type-1 diabetic before turning to fitness. Arzon began running to deal with the trauma of a kidnapping that occurred in 2002.

According to ESPN, Arzon and 40 others were held hostage and doused in kerosene. The Peloton instructor was reportedly held at gunpoint before the gunman was tackled by patrons at the Manhattan’s East Village bar where the incident took place.

After finding a way to earn a living through fitness, Arzon left the corporate office behind to become a full-time fitness instructor. Arzon and other Peloton instructors create live programming for its subscribers. Many subscribers have praised Arzon for her motivation tread and bike programs.

After struggling on a 10k race, Arzon fell in love with running and has since completed over 25 marathons including a 100-mile ultramarathon. She now has over 550,000 Instagram followers and is an Addidas brand ambassador.

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