Rita Ora shows off racy rib cage ink in latest photo update

Rita Ora close up
Rita Ora showed off her side tattoo of a woman’s silhouette. Pic credit ©

Rita Ora was beautiful as she showed off the tattoos on her rib cage.

She revealed the tattoos on her ribcage, which included a simplistic silhouette of a woman in black ink. She also lifted one arm above her head, which highlighted the large tattoos on her bicep.

Rita sported a comfy black T-shirt that fit her nicely and paired well with her tattoos and her accessories. The singer elevated the look with a black ball cap that covered the top of her head and her forehead.

Rita accessorized her outfit with several gold and silver bracelets, and she wore a silver ring. Her nails were perfectly manicured in a subtle pink color.

The star let her long curly hair loose under her cap, and the ringlets flowed under her back. Her makeup was minimal and glowing with pink lips, rosy cheeks, and a touch of mascara.

Rita included other amazing pics in her Instagram post to show off her recent updates. The other photos included gorgeous selfies and mouth-watering plates of food.

Rita Ora announces her new single

Rita included a reminder in her caption about her newest single with the hashtag “#You.Only.Love.Me.”

She has been regularly promoting her single and posted a stunning image with a sound clip for the upcoming song, which will be released on January 27.

The songwriter’s voice was incredible in the clip, and she also looked amazing in the image. She sported a hot pink skirt with a large slit, and her gorgeous curly hair waterfalled over her shoulders.

She included in her caption, “So so so SO excited to finally announce my new single YOU ONLY LOVE ME.”

It’s clear she worked hard on the song, and her excitement about its release is palpable.

Rita Ora showed a sneak peek video for her upcoming song

Rita didn’t stop there when it comes to promoting her new masterpiece, as she also shared a small clip of the music video for You Only Love Me.

The video clip reeled the viewer in with captivating music and the sound of sloshing water. The camera pulled in slowly to reveal Rita sitting in a bathtub.

Rita turned around to face the camera and focused with an unwavering gaze. Her hair was slick and pulled back, and her makeup embraced the clean girl aesthetic.

The 32-year-old left the video clip here so as not to spoil too much of what is sure to be an incredible music video.

Rita added to the mystery of her post by adding in her caption, “More to be revealed…”

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