Rita Ora is stunning in a black dress for London awards show

Rita Ora shows off her stunning makeup in a selfie.
Rita Ora shows off her lovely makeup. Pic credit: @ritaora/Instagram

The music industry has been in a much better place since Rita Ora splashed onto the scene with her hit songs and catchy lyrics.

It turns out that her choices in the world of fashion have made her even more of a star to keep an eye on.

The gorgeous singer was recently spotted spending time in London wearing something that made her look absolutely fabulous.

No matter what Rita chooses to wear when she’s out and about, she’s consistently oozing unlimited levels of confidence and poise.

While strutting through London, Rita wore a black dress made of sheer material.

The skin over her stomach and legs was easy to see through the fabric.

Rita Ora is a showstopper in black

She kept the most intimate areas of her body covered with black underwear and a black bandeau underneath. The top of the dress was strappy and revealing enough to show off her upper chest and shoulders.

Rita Ora looks flawless in a sheer black gown.
Rita Ora wears a long black dress in London. Pic credit: Mattpapz/BACKGRID

Rita went all out with accessories by covering her arms in bracelets and covering every finger with rings. She wore dark-colored nail polish in shades of black and brown, along with a face of dramatic makeup.

Her cosmetic choices included eyeshadow, lashes, mascara, lipstick, blush, and eyebrow tint. She also wore her light brown hair parted down the middle in smooth waves.

Rita’s shoes were hard to see because of the length of her dress, but they happened to be silver heels with pointed toes. In her hand, she held a small black purse that was covered in shiny material. Several of Rita’s mini tattoos were also visible on her arm.

In terms of other fashion trends, another separate photo thread showed her rocking some athletic gear that looked totally comfortable and trendy.

She’s in the middle of promoting a company that caters to the most athletic people in the world, and she appears to be super excited about it.

Rita Ora loves her brand Humans Being

Humans Being is the activewear brand that Rita recently launched, which she is incredibly excited about right now. She shared a photo thread wearing some of the fitness gear that she loves the most.

In the first photo from the thread, Rita modeled a red sports bra paired with high-waisted red leggings. The sports bra was made of a thick material that provided her with the right amount of coverage.

Although the bottoms were high-waisted, her flat stomach was still easy to see. Rita wore red eyeshadow to go along with her matching set and posed in a way that showed off more of her tattoos.

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