RIP Stan Lee: Marvel stars pay tribute as we say goodbye to a legend

Marvel stars react to Stan Lee's passing: The Marvel Comics legend was 95
Stan Lee at Phoenix ComicCon. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Stan Lee, the man who started Marvel Comics in 1961 with his seminal comic book The Fantastic Four, passed away today at the age of 95.

Lee has been ill for a number of years and recently stopped his comic convention touring, only appearing at special events for limited fans. He had a pacemaker inserted into his body in 2012 and lost his wife Joan to a stroke in 2017 at the age of 95.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Stan Lee was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he passed away after an emergency call was made on his behalf.

The last year has seen accusations against his former manager of elder abuse. Stan Lee only lasted 14 more months after the passing of his beloved wife of 69 years.

It is a heartbreaking day for many people who Stan Lee touched the lives of — both personally and through his work.

Marvel stars react to Stan Lee’s passing

Stars like Chris Evans, who played Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, took to Twitter to offer his memories of the legend.

While Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America 20 years before Marvel Comics even existed, Stan Lee brought the patriotic Avenger to the forefront of his Marvel Comics Universe.

Samuel Jackson, who portrayed not the Nick Fury that Stan Lee created but the alternate world version from Ultimate Comics in the MCU movies also talked about how much Stan Lee’s work meant to him.

Mark Millar is the man who created the Ultimate Marvel Comic Universe, of which most of the characters from the movies reside. He took to Twitter as well to talk about how it was Stan Lee who changed his life — not once but twice.

Robert Liefeld got his start in Marvel Comics before he left to help start Image Comics, a rival company that developed characters like Spawn and Witchblade. Despite his early defection, he still held a tremendous respect for Stan Lee.

The X-Men was the first major comic book success to hit theaters from Marvel Comics and the biggest star from that franchise was Hugh Jackman, who played the mutant Wolverine. Jackman pointed out that the world lost a true “creative genius” with the passing of Stan Lee.

Finally, in only the way that he could, Robert Downey Jr. sent out his love to the man who created the character that made him a Hollywood icon — Iron Man.

Hollywood reacts to Stan Lee’s passing

It wasn’t just Marvel stars who came out and mourned the loss of Stan Lee.

Seth Rogen, the actor and filmmaker who has worked in comic book entertainment before — both in movies (Green Hornet) and television (he produced Preacher) — said something that many kids who grew up as comic book fans can relate to.

Austin Creed, who portrays the WWE superstar Xavier Woods in the group New Day, is a huge comic book fan and mentioned how Stan Lee influenced his career.

Stan Lee touched so many lives through his work. He created heroes that kids could look up to and stories that proved that even a high school kid from New York City could make a difference — even if it took a radioactive spider bite to send him on his path to greatness.

On a personal note, Stan Lee and Marvel Comics is the reason I am a writer and the number one reason I learned to love to read as a child. He meant more to me than anyone when it comes to placing me on my career path.

RIP, Stan Lee. You meant the world to so many people and will always be remembered.

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