Rihanna stuns in sexy clip to promote Fenty fragrance

rihanna Fenty Beauty Fenty Eau de Parfum
Rihanna drums up publicity for her latest release and invites fans to smell her. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Rihanna has long had a reputation for smelling good, and now, she has devised a plan to afford the same opportunity to her adoring fans.

She took a brief hiatus from social media after she welcomed her first child, a son, with rapper A$AP Rocky.

However, last month marked Rihanna’s triumphant return as she made a major Super Bowl announcement. She also revealed Volume Four of her widely-successful Savage X Fenty Fashion Show.

Rihanna posted on her Instagram account, where she has been more active lately, promoting a few ventures.

And because that Rihanna reign just won’t let up, she just announced another venture, and this one was equally as exciting.

Rihanna invited fans to smell her in the caption, with a video featuring her perfume.

Rihanna looks sexy with a proposition

A decked out, Rihanna wore a fuzzy tan hat and bold red lips as she grabbed a bottle of perfume. She wore layered gold necklaces with diamonds and crystals. Her fingers were also adorned with rings, and she sported a pink manicure.

She held a bottle of her perfume in her hand and removed the top as she sprayed herself with the scent.

The spray moved in slow motion, thanks to the help of some special effects.

Rihanna previously released a fragrance, which quickly sold out and never restocked. However, Fenty Eau de Parfum returned to shelves in September, where it will likely remain.

While the video was captivating, Rihanna likely doesn’t need to advertise her product because her personal scent has quite a reputation that began years ago.

Rihanna’s smell has a reputation

Rihanna’s perfume seemed like a match made in heaven because many famous people have talked about her amazing scent.

Ryan Seacrest tweeted in 2015, “I smell everyone on the red carpet and @rihanna was the best smelling celeb at the grammys. #nowyouknow.”

ryan seacrest rihanna
Pic credit: @ryanseacrest/Twitter

Jennifer Lawrence echoed similar sentiments when she promoted one of the Hunger Games films. Jennifer said that she was impressed by Rihanna’s remarkable beauty, soft skin, and amazing scent. She said, “She was so so beautiful and had really, really soft skin and like smelled really good.”

However, Rihanna has smelled good for a very long time, if a clip from 15 years ago is any indication.

Marilyn Manson was also taken by Rihanna’s wonderful smell on The Graham Norton Show in 2007, way before she achieved superstar status.

Fenty Beauty Fenty Eau de Parfum costs $140 a bottle and is available now.

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