Rihanna hypes up followers for Savage X Fenty show

Rihanna poses for a photo.
Rihanna has continued to hype up her Savage X Fenty fashion show, which airs tonight on Amazon Prime. Pic credit: ©

Rihanna showed fans how she earned Forbes self-made billionaire status in a recent share as she promoted her multimillion-dollar venture, Savage X Fenty.

Rihanna has achieved great success in the lingerie world with her brand.

Savage X Fenty has produced the go-to lingerie fashion event of the year, with the series now on its fourth volume.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand show has received praise for its production value, with the most recent show earning a Primetime Emmy. Some of the production value was visible in the latest pictures, featuring blue and purple special effects and lighting.

She posted a few looks from the show, available today on Amazon Prime, with her 138 million Instagram followers.

Rihanna opened up strong, with her natural hair looking wild and beautiful. She gazed into the distance in the photo, which featured vibrant shades of purple.

Rihanna shares a behind-the-scenes look at Savage X Fenty

A swipe right showed the back of Rihanna’s robe, which had stitching to indicate the occasion.

Rihanna slipped into something more comfortable in the next shot. She wore a blue bustier with black lace detailing on the bodice. She placed her hands on her hips and gazed toward the ground as she showed off her long lashes and natural hair.

Purple spotlights shined behind Rihanna, and smoke added to the mysterious vibe. Next, Rihanna looked up, showing her gorgeous face with makeup, likely thanks to her other brand, Fenty Beauty.

Another fabulous picture showed Rihanna as she squatted down in stilettos. Only the silhouette of Rihanna’s body was visible, and she carried a vine in her hands, surrounded by clouds of smoke.

Finally, Rihanna stood surrounded by her crew as the cameramen recorded the singer, now a fabulous shade of blue.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty empire

Rihanna has a lot of reasons to be proud.

Forbes magazine placed Rihanna on its list of billionaires. In 2021, the publication estimated that Savage X Fenty was worth $270 million.

Rihanna has expressed excitement over her flourishing empire.

She told British Vogue, “Everything right now is firing off. I’m excited. It’s getting me super motivated, super energized to do new things, to create, and I’m back in the studio and now we’re going to be back on stage for the Super Bowl.”

She added, “It is lovely. It is epic, honestly.”

Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime today.

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