RHOBH husband Harry Hamlin does the grocery shopping in all-black and a mask

Harry Hamlin attends the 28th Annual Elton John Academy Awards
Harry Hamlin was spotted grocery shopping shortly after his wife, Lisa Rinna, announced her RHOBH exit. Pic credit: ©

Harry Hamlin went casual in black as he grabbed some groceries amidst his wife Lisa Rinna’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) saga.

Rinna has gotten into some trouble on the show recently and caused a stir on Thursday when she officially announced her departure from RHOBH after eight seasons.

However, the groceries still needed to get done, and Rinna’s husband of 25 years set out to do them. He was spotted pushing his cart through a grocery store parking lot with several bags of groceries in his cart.

Hamlin wore an all-black outfit including a pair of black joggers and a black t-shirt with a black mask covering his face.

He paired his outfit with black Nike sneakers and a black puffer vest from The North Face. Hamlin also wore a black watch and thick black-rimmed glasses.

Several brown plastic groceries bags were visible in the cart, as was a large container of Tide laundry detergent.

Hamlin didn’t seem to notice the camera as he continued looking ahead while walking toward his car in the parking lot.

Harry Hamlin said Lisa Rinna got in trouble on RHOBH for her honesty

Rinna’s departure from RHOBH seemed to have been foreshadowed by Hamlin two weeks earlier. In an interview, he conceded that Rinna got into “a lot of trouble” for some “honest” comments she made.

Harry Hamlin wears black on a grocery run
Harry Hamlin goes on a grocery run. Pic credit: BACKGRID

Hamlin talked to People about Rinna’s RHOBH career, stating that she did her job well and showed up on time for it. She also did her job of interacting with others on the show in an “honest and authentic way.”

However, he believed the trouble started because of her sense of justice. He stated, “Her hot-button issue, I suppose, is injustice or when somebody else is not behaving honestly, she’ll call it out.”

He hinted that she had gotten into a lot of trouble for calling others out. Despite landing herself in hot water, Hamlin pointed out that her honesty was good for the show and generated an audience.

The devoted husband also slammed those who have accused Rinna of being a liar on the show. In all the years they’ve been together, he claimed he has never known her to tell a lie.

He stated, “And yet she’s being accused of being a liar on the show… And I don’t pay much attention to that because I know she isn’t.”

Harry Hamlin helped Lisa Rinna launch Rinna Wines

Hamlin boasts many titles as an actor, author, and entrepreneur. However, while he has many ventures of his own, he is always willing to help and collaborate with Rinna’s ventures, too.

Recently, he supported her and aided in her launch of Rinna Wines. Rinna became enamored by the idea of owning her own alcohol line after visiting a winery in France.

Hamlin jumped on board and worked alongside Rinna as she collaborated with Prestige to determine all the details of the brand. The brand was officially launched in August and boasts two wines, a Sparkling Brut and a Sparkling Brut Rosé.

While Rinna has taken over the advertising, Hamlin has been helping her perfect the wines behind the scenes.

Hamlin believed that their Rosé was perfected, but that the Brut needed just “a little bit more work” before also reaching perfection. However, according to him, they have one perfect wine and one that’s almost perfect.

With both Rinna and Hamlin going in on Rinna Wines, they may able to grow the new brand quickly.

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