Return to Amish divorce: Where do Carmela and Jeremiah Raber stand?

Jeremiah and Carmela Raber on Return to Amish
Jeremiah and Carmela Raber are working on their marriage. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremiah Raber made waves on Breaking Amish and now, Return to Amish. Last year, he was in the news a lot because of his marriage to Carmela Raber. Now that the show is back on the air, viewers are wondering where the couple stands.

Their marital issues played out all over social media. Jeremiah Raber aired their dirty laundry on Facebook and Twitter and at that point, fans were weighing in. There were plenty of accusations from both him and Carmela, though many sided with her version of events

Carmela did end up going to Washington and leaving Jeremiah Raber in the dust back in Florida. While he tried everything to win her back, his decision to head to where she went ultimately gave him the leverage he needed to prove to her that he was serious.

Season 5 of Return to Amish premiered earlier this week, and it looks like Jeremiah and Carmela Raber are on the mend. Even though it appeared that divorce was a real possibility, the couple has been moving in a positive direction.

During their rough patch, Jeremiah Raber talked about what he believed were the issues. The couple had been attempting to have a child together through IVF in Florida and he thought that maybe the hormones were messing with her. Also, Jeremiah had been rehabbing a house and didn’t spend a lot of time with her.

Some allegations of aggression came from Carmela, and at one point, Jeremiah Raber admitted that anger management may be beneficial. The public drama garnered a lot of attention and the accusations just kept coming.

Now, the couple is working on building their life together and continuing to film and be a part of Return to Amish. As for the couple having a child together, it is unknown about where that is headed or if it will be revisited moving forward.

Return to Amish airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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