Remember Rachel Leigh Cook? You won’t recognize her in new Hallmark movie

Rachel Leigh Cook in Rescuing Christmas on Hallmark
Rachel has traded in teen dramas for Christmas magic. Pic credit: Hallmark Now

In the 90s, Rachel Leigh Cook was considered one of Hollywood’s It Girls.

Rachel’s stint in She’s All That alongside Freddie Prinze Jr., Usher, and the late Paul Walker catapulted her to fame.

Rachel went on to appear on the TV series Dawson’s Creek and Las Vegas and star in movies like Josie and the Pussycats and Texas Rangers.

Although she’s still acting, Rachel did take a step back from Hollywood to focus on raising her kids, Charlotte and Theo.

This year, Rachel’s making a splash with her Hallmark Christmas film that features her in a new light.

Oh yes, She’s All That fans won’t even recognize the former Hollywood starlet in her new role.

Rachel Leigh Cook stars in Hallmark Now’s Rescuing Christmas

Taking to Instagram to kick off the week, Rachel teased her new movie, which happens to be hitting Hallmark airwaves soon.

Sharing a few pictures from her movie Rescuing Christmas, Rachel used the caption to tease the flick.

“More images from Rescuing Christmas airing Dec 7th on @hallmarkmoviesnow ! There’s a free trial if you’re not yet a subscriber and I can’t think of a better month than Dec to take it for a spin ❤️ This is a great movie to watch with the whole fam, so silly and heartfelt. I just love it. Merry everything to you and yours ✨” she wrote.

The trailer for Rescuing Christmas reveals the movie focuses on Erin, played by Rachel, and her wish Christmas didn’t exist. When the wish is granted, it doesn’t take long for Erin to realize her massive mistake.

Erin enlists Sam, played by Hallmark hunk Sam Page, to help her reinvent Christmas. During the process, Erin is reminded of the holiday spirit and the traditions surrounding the magical time of year.

Rachel has come a long way from her She’s All That days, no longer playing a teen, but she’s still killing it as an actress.

In fact, she joins the likes of Lacey Chabert (Party of Five) and Alison Sweeney (Days of our Lives) as one of the female faces of Hallmark.

What other Hallmark movies has Rachel Leigh Cook appeared in?

In 2016, Rachel found a home at Hallmark. The actress has appeared in nearly ten movies, hitting Hallmark airwaves a couple of times a year.

Rescuing Christmas is Rachel’s fourth Christmas film with the network. Rachel’s other holiday films include Cross Country Christmas, ‘Tis the Season to Be Merry, and A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas.

The talented actress has also starred in seasonal Hallmark movies, such as Frozen in Love and Summer Love, the latter of which kicked off Rachel’s Hallmark career.

Rachel even appeared in the Vineyard film series consisting of Autumn in the Vineyard, Summer in the Vineyard, and Valentine in the Vineyard.

Along with her successful career on Hallmark, Rachel was part of the She’s All That remake, He’s All That. Rachel didn’t reprise her role from the original film but instead created a new one playing lead Addison Rae’s mom.

Rachel Leigh Cook continues to find success as an actress after 25 years in Hollywood.

Be sure to check out her new Hallmark Christmas film, Rescuing Christmas, which is dropping on Hallmark Now on Thursday, December 7.

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