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Rebel Wilson shows off fit physique in newest swimsuit photo

Rebel Wilson poses for photos at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Rebel Wilson arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 9, 2020, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Pic credit: ©

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss transformation astounded fans when they first saw her progress, and it continues to wow fans even now as she posts pictures from Fiji.

Even though the actress may not stay in Fiji forever, her photos from the beach fortunately never seem to end.

Rebel Wilson’s flashy swimsuit in Fiji

This isn’t the first time fans have seen this swimsuit from Rebel Wilson, but her most recent photo shows off her new physique from a new angle.

Fans were wowed by her choice of swimsuit, a bright orange one piece with long sleeves that zips up the front.

She poses with her feet in the water on the beach, appearing to hold or tie her hair up.

Fans previously saw this swimsuit in a short video she posted where she is walking toward the camera, allowing a closer view of the suit as she struts in slow motion.

The orange swimsuit isn’t the only outfit that stunned fans when Rebel Wilson went to Fiji.

She previously showed off her toned upper body and curves with another outfit featuring a plunging purple top and a pink skirt wrapped around her hips.

Rebel Wilson’s photoshoot in Fiji was an opportunity for a vacation while showcasing an array of different outfits and styles from the actress. Whether intentional or not, fans are hooked and want to see more.

With such a drastic transformation, many fans are wondering how the actress could make such a big change in a rather short amount of time.

How did Rebel Wilson lose weight?

Rebel Wilson worked closely with fitness guru Jono Castano to add exercise into her life to help achieve her health and fitness goals.

While Jono Castano worked with Wilson to help her become more fit, The Beet reports that she used the Mayr Method diet.

The Mayr Method is a two-week diet and exercise plan that focuses on eating healthy and high protein foods while encouraging exercise like consistent walking to help burn calories. The two-week plan is supposed to help encourage permanent lifestyle changes to inspire people to stay healthy and choose healthy foods over junk foods.

It seems that by exercising and potentially changing her diet, Rebel Wilson achieved her goal. The actress opened up previously on Instagram regarding her own feelings toward her health and body image and why she made the changes she did.

Wilson notes that in this photo, she remembers being her unhealthiest while coping with the loss of her father.

Rather than focusing on just her own health or weight loss, she advises fans to improve and respect themselves while trying their best to stay active and stay smiling.

Although fans are definitely impressed by her weight loss, it seems that Rebel Wilson is hopeful that they just take her encouragement to heart and work on being the best version of themselves they can be.

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