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Rebel Wilson in swimsuit highlights 80-pound weight loss

Rebel Wilson poses for a selfie
Rebel Wilson poses for a selfie. Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Rebel Wilson is showing off the 80+ pounds she’s dropped while in a black swimsuit and on the beach. The Pitch Perfect alum continues to remain a talking point for whittling down since making 2020 her “year of health,” and a new photo on her Instagram is showing she’s slimmer than ever.

In a now-deleted image shared on Friday, Rebel delighted fans during a low-key and glammed-up beach moment, with her followers getting a quick hello, plus some swimwear and cover-up action.

Rebel Wilson flaunts stunning figure after massive weight loss

Rebel, 42, showed off her trim thighs and slender shoulders while in a classic and chic black swimsuit.

Shot candidly, on golden sands, and near towel-laid loungers and parasols, the Olly wellness partner stunned as she struck a pose in her tiger-print dress, also brandishing a classy straw hat as she kept a poker face.

Wearing reflective metallic shades, the Senior Year star gained over 35,000 likes for flaunting her upscale look, although she didn’t offer a clue as to where she was.

“Hiiii,” a caption read, with four blue heart emoji closing it.

Rebel Wilson in swimsuit and cover-up on the beach. Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram
Rebel Wilson in swimsuit and cover-up on the beach. Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Rebel attributes her weight loss to intuitive, mindful eating, plus old-fashioned outdoor walks – she even claims that the low-impact exercise has done her more good than high-intensity cardio.

In November 2020, Rebel reached her goal weight of 165 pounds. She spent much of 2021 making headlines for having dropped a total of 77 pounds, although her latest People feature bumps the figure up to 80. Speaking to the outlet last month about her career and her body image, the actress revealed:

“Even though I think you can be confident at any size, I knew in my heart I wasn’t behaving in a healthy way, just having a big bowl of ice cream for dinner,” adding that she lowered her intake of candy and upped her protein and vegetables.

Rebel Wilson said it was ‘time’ to change

Wilson continued: “There were people in my life saying, ‘Why would you want to change anything?’ but they didn’t know the inside. The fear was maybe people won’t find you funny anymore, but it was like, ‘I’m turning 40, and it’s time to change.'” The blonde has revealed a prior calorie intake of 3,000 calories per day – the average woman requires around 2,000 calories a day.

Rebel’s latest movie, Senior Year, was released May 13.

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