Ray Liotta’s fiancee shares heartfelt tribute to the late actor for Thanksgiving

Ray Liotta attends the NBC/Universal TCA Winter 2017, and Jacy Nittolo attends Black Bird premiere
Jacy Nittolo remembered her late fiance Ray Liotta with a touching Thanksgiving tribute. Pic credit: ©

Ray Liotta’s fiancee, Jacy Nittolo, wrote a tribute to the late actor on Thanksgiving. The holiday marked close to six months since Liotta passed away on May 26, 2022.

Nittolo started her tribute with a sweet black-and-white photo of her posing next to Liotta taken on Thanksgiving 2019.

The two were all smiles as they leaned their heads together for the closeup shot. In the message, Nittolo opened up about the grief she has experienced since his unexpected passing.

Nittolo heartbreakingly admitted that she finds it hard to breathe most days without him. However, despite the pain, she is still grateful daily for the memories that they made together.

In that spirit of Thanksgiving, she also went on to express her gratitude towards her family and children. She also mentioned her relationship with Karsen, Liotta’s daughter and only child.

According to Nittolo, she and Karsen remained in touch after Liotta’s death, and they laugh and cry daily together and are “connected for life.”

Jacy Nittolo paid tribute to Ray Liotta

Nittolo continued to express her gratitude for her friends and the support that has gotten her through this difficult time. She also indicated that, though she continues to endure significant pain, she still feels “blessed and truly thankful.”

Nittolo’s Thanksgiving post isn’t the only time that she has paid tribute to the late actor. Though she has largely maintained her privacy, she occasionally pens heartfelt messages to Liotta.

Nittolo first paid tribute to the actor days after his passing. She shared a montage of sweet photos that showed the two of them bonding with one another, as well as with each other’s children.

She also spoke about the “deep love” that they shared and how they laughed daily and were inseparable in their relationship. She stated, “He was the most beautiful person inside and out that I’ve ever known…and even that is an understatement.”

She posted another tribute to Liotta a month after his passing, where she stated that there were no words to describe what she was going through after losing him in such an unexpected manner.

Nittolo again mentioned her and Liotta’s children and how they got her through each day. She indicated the two had blended families before his passing and that they were “predestined” to be one “big, blended family.”

Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo’s relationship

Liotta and Nittolo kept their relationship fairly private, but they did share several moments of their lives with their supporters.

Nittolo first confirmed their relationship in February 2020, and on December 25, 2020, the two revealed that they were engaged. Liotta marked the occasion with a rare photo of him and Nittolo posing by the Christmas tree as Nittolo showed off her engagement ring.

On Mother’s Day in 2021, Nittolo revealed that she, Liotta, and her kids all spent the day together. She also mentioned that they were missing Karsen, who couldn’t be there for the celebration.

The last image she shared of their relationship was posted on January 25, 2022, when they shared a kiss on the beach.

Since his passing, she has worked to keep his legacy alive by paying tribute to him and attending the premiere of Black Bird, his last acting project, in July with Karsen.

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