Rapper Sad Frosty dead at 24 as fans left in shock

Sad Frosty death
Sad Frosty was a rapper and social media star who appeared on several No Jumper YouTube videos. Pic credit: Sad Frosty/YouTube

Texas rapper Sad Frosty, real name Sam Hernandez, tragically died on Friday at age 24. He was born and raised in Houston before becoming a viral Hip Hop artist and social media star.

His death was announced on his social media accounts, which were flooded with tributes.

“Long Live Sad Frosty 3/4/97-1/14/22,” the Twitter and Instagram announcement stated along with photos of the late rapper.

The announcement did not mention the manner or cause of his death.

Frosty had almost 240,000 followers on his Instagram account, with his only post before his death being a photo with Chief Keef in what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes look of a music video

Frosty’s garnered millions of views for his music — he is best known for his song with DC The Don, Beavis & Butt-Head.

He has a slew of other records, such as Swerve, Crib With A Lake, Ice Cream, and A.D.H.D Freestyle.

Frosty uploaded his last video, dopamine freestyle, on YouTube five months ago.

Speculation over Sad Frosty’s cause of death

No official announcement has been made about Sad Frosty’s cause of death, but comments by those who knew the late rapper led to speculation that his sudden passing was related to drugs.

Hip Hop blogger DomisLive NEWS, who revealed he knew Sad Frosty, claimed the 24-year-old rapper had struggled with substance abuse and told his followers he believed that the rapper may have died from an accidental drug overdose.

“I know everyone is wondering what happened to Sad Frosty, recently speaking to him I found out he was in rehab and that was shocking because he hid everything so well, Long story short looks like he died of an accidental overdose, just know that he was trying to get better.”

Tweet about Sad Frosty
Pic credit:@domislivenews/Twitter

Rapper Quadeca also posted a video to his 1.95 million subscribers on YouTube, where he said all the proceeds of the clip would be donated to a cause related to drug rehabilitation.

Neither his family nor his team has confirmed his cause of death in a public statement.

Not much is known about Frosty’s personal life; however, DomisLive NEWS gave some insight into how he became a social media star.

“Today was a crazy day, RIP Sad Frosty, he was a good dude, I met him when he was running a XXXTentacion fan page and he was a fan of mine and we started chopping it up and became cool, years later he started to do music and became Sad Frosty, it was cool to see his evolution.”

Another tweet about Sad Frosty
Pic credit:@domislivenews/Twitter

In addition, DomisLive tweeted about the source of Sad Frosty’s only Instagram photo, revealing he had a collaboration with Chicago legend Chief Keep, writing:

“I remember he was excited to play me his album before it came out, I thought he really had a banging project, and he was so happy that he had a record and video with Chief Keef.”

Sad Frosty’s best friend, DC the Don, pays tribute

Frosty’s friend and collaborator DC the Don paid tribute to the late rapper on his Instagram page.

In the caption, with a series of photos of the pair, he wrote: “why would god take my best friend away from me.”

Sam Hernandez, better known as Sad Frosty, was just 24, and his music survives him.

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