Rapper AMR Dee Huncho reportedly shot and in critical condition, video shows aftermath

Dee Huncho shooting
Popular STL rapper AMR Dee Huncho has been shot and transported to a hospital. Pic credit: Dee Huncho/Instagram

St. Louis rapper AMR Dee Huncho was reportedly shot while in a black car, and his current condition is unknown. Some reports claim that he died; however, this has not been confirmed by any sources close to Huncho.

According to eye witness reports, the injured rapper’s car stopped near Jennings Station Road and Harney in Jennings, Missouri. However, it is unclear whether this is where the shooting occurred.

Local news outlets have published photos of the car on Facebook.

A video showing the aftermath of the shooting has been circulating on social media.

In the video, which you can watch here, Huncho’s car door is open, and a police officer appears to be checking on the shooting victim, who is identified as Dee Huncho by witnesses.

In the video, a man said that the rapper is conscious.

“He keeps moving and everything,” an unidentified person behind the camera said.  

“They say he’s a famous rapper,” one person added with another individual who recognized the rap artist responding, “that’s Dee Huncho bro, on my mama.”

Dee Huncho flashes guns and money on Instagram

Dee Huncho is one of the most famous rappers in STL and has millions of views on YouTube.

He is best known for songs such as Run It Up, Snapped, and No Features.

Dee Huncho’s social media accounts reveal AMR stands for ammunition, money, and respect.

The 22-year-old rapper flashes several guns with extended clips and flashes stacks of cash on his Instagram account.

In an interview with Say Cheese, Huncho revealed that he garnered a buzz for his music while in jail.

The rap artist also expressed his desire to leave the gang life behind him and focus on his music.

Dee Huncho’s current condition is unclear

There are contradicting eyewitness reports on the condition of Huncho.

A local woman who recorded the aftermath claimed a drive-by shooting occurred, and somebody dragged him out of the car, which led her to believe he died.

However, other local reports claim the rapper was transported to an ambulance breathing and conscious.

There are no details about any suspects in the shooting at the time of writing this report. As a result, it is unclear whether the rapper was a target or whether he was armed or exchanged gunfire with the assailant(s).

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