R. Kelly negative net worth mocked by 42 Dugg and EST Gee

Rapper 42 Dugg and R. Kelly.
Rapper 42 Dugg recorded his reaction to R. Kelly’s shocking estimated wealth. Pic credit:@Instagram/42_dugggg and Cook County Sheriff’s Office

With the trial of R&B superstar R. Kelly concluding, many observers were stunned by his net worth despite his successful music career.

Rising rap stars 42 Dugg and EST Gee were in a music studio and had a hilarious reaction to Kelly’s estimated wealth or lack of it.

R. Kelly is considered one of the greatest R&B songwriters and singers of all time.

His best-known songs include I Believe I Can Fly, Bump N’ Grind, Gotham City, and Trapped in the Closet.

In addition, he has written numerous hit records for other artists, including You Are Not Alone for Michael Jackson.

The 54-year-old singer is one of the best-selling musicians in America, having sold over 75 million records.

Despite his success, R. Kelly has admitted being broke and has an estimated negative net worth of minus $2 million.

EST Gee and 42 Dugg react to R. Kelly’s net worth

42 Dugg posted a video on his Instagram Story responding to R. Kelly’s net worth.

“Man, they got my ***** R. Kelly on this b***h f**ked up. I ain’t never seen a ***** net worth negative,” said 42 Dugg while pointing the camera at a Google search result of R. Kelly’s estimated net worth of negative $2 million, before adding:

“That ***** s**t minus,” as EST Gee is heard laughing off-camera.

42 Dugg then repeated EST Gee joked that Kelly’s estimated net worth makes him “one of the brokest ni**as of all time,” as they both erupted in laughter.

R. Kelly’s music made $1.7 million this year

R. Kelly is on trial accused of sexual misconduct; however, his music catalog is still bringing in income.

According to Billboard, his music catalog has netted his former record label $1.7 million in the United States. However, the singer will not receive any of that money.

The report states that Kelly’s income is claimed by rent arrears on a Chicago recording studio and a woman who won a $4 million judgment against Kelly for sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years of age.

Kelly has been open about his financial struggles. After his viral interview with Gayle King in 2019, he was arrested for unpaid child support.

During the interview, Kelly admitted he had little money and accused people of stealing his money but denied his money went to settling lawsuits.

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Shirley Mcclurkin
Shirley Mcclurkin
2 years ago

I’m praying for R. Kelly , in my opinion he’s one of the best RB singers and will always be , it’s a shame how people pulls you down , watch the ditch you dig for someone else to fall in , life always takes turns for you , I’m praying he can get on with his life