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Quinn Finite: OnlyFans star is making $35k a month thanks to ‘horny’ tweets from US Army’s Fort Bragg

Quinn Finite selfie Twitter
Sex worker Quinn Finite says she’s now raking in the cash after the US Army’s Fort Bragg’s horny tweets. Pic credit: @quinnfinite10/Twitter

An OnlyFans star known as Quinn Finite has hit the big time after receiving free publicity when the Twitter account of the US Army’s Fort Bragg sent out a barrage of horny tweets.

Last month, eagle-eyed followers of the Army base’s official account noticed some very naughty and sexually explicit tweets that were directed at the sex worker.

And now the Montreal based performer says she’s raking in the cash and the subscribers because of the attention she received.

Finite told Business Insider that she was working as a model until the coronavirus pandemic limited her opportunities, so she decided to open an account with OnlyFans to post sexually explicit content to the subscription-based online platform.

She says she’s now gone from earning approximately $7,000 a month to about $35,000 a month, with 4,000 extra followers and has moved into the website’s top 0.14% of earners. All thanks to the US Army.

Well, kinda.

How did the US Army help Quinn Finite?

It all began on October 20, when an individual using the Fort Bragg Twitter account began tweeting Finite about.. ahem, pubic hair, and the possibility of performing a sexual act.

This caught the attention of several other Twitter users who began retweeting, liking, and screenshotting the posts emanating from the North Carolina base and home to the US Army airborne and special operations forces.

All this attention led to Finite gaining a whole new army of fans with a massive increase in subscriptions to her page.

Spencer Ackerman was one Twitter user who shared a screenshot, joking “Bragg is horny.”

Screenshot of the Fort Bragg tweets
Pic credit: @attackerman/Twitter

Could it be that there’s a horny soldier in the US Army? Surely not?

Unsurprisingly, about an hour after the tweets first appeared, a spokesperson for the US’s largest military installation announced their Twitter account was hacked.

US Army claims the Fort Bragg Twitter account was hacked

The spokesperson said, “As many of you may know, there were a string of explicit tweets from our account this afternoon. This was not the work of our admins. Our account was hacked. We apologize to our followers.”

So who could be responsible for this nefarious and hilarious act? The Russians? Chinese? Martians? No. Apparently, it turns out the account wasn’t hacked at all and was the work of an unidentified “administrator,” and “appropriate action” has since been taken against the randy perpetrator.

In the meantime, the Fort Bragg Twitter account was deactivated and has yet to reemerge.

The OnlyFans website allows content creators to upload member-only images and videos to make a bit of extra money.

Subscriptions generally range from about $3.99 to $50 a month. Quinn Finite reportedly charges $8.99 for her content.

The website is gaining in popularity thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and a surge of celebrity interest in the site.

Former Disney actor Bella Thorne was one of the first celebrities to open an account, and she was so successful that she reportedly made over a million dollars in one day.

She has since been joined on the site by Amber Rose and Chris Brown, who joined only last week.