Queen won’t ‘cut off’ Meghan and Harry because her ‘mantra is forgiveness,’ royal biographer claims

Queen Elizabeth is forgiving and will not “cut off” Meghan and Harry, a royal expert claimed. Pic credit: ©

The Queen will not “cut off” Meghan and Harry but will “forgive” them despite their attacks against her and senior members of the Royal Family, a royal biographer has claimed.

According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward, the Queen has been good to the Sussexes and being a forgiving person, she won’t disown them despite their actions.

However, the Sussexes could permanently lose the British people’s faith, Seward warned.

“I think that their trump card is that the Queen has been incredibly good to them and her whole mantra is forgiveness,” Seward said, according to Express. “I don’t think she’s going to cut them off in any shape or form.”

“But they’re only important if they have popularity and if they have people who are prepared to listen to what they are saying,” the royal biographer continued. “I think they need to tread very carefully because people are losing faith in what they’re saying because it is inconsistent.”

Meghan and Harry are taking advantage of the Queen’s tolerance

Seward’s comments come after royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Meghan and Harry have been taking unfair advantage of the Queen’s tolerance.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Campbell claimed the Sussexes were taking “full advantage” of Her Majesty’s tolerance, and while they were expecting to get away with it, they won’t.

“Harry knows that the Queen is basically a very tolerant person and so he and the wife have been taking full advantage of her tolerance in the hope that they would get away with everything,” the royal watcher claimed.

However, Campbell said the Royal Family “fightback,” led by Prince William, has started and that the Sussexes would not get away with taking advantage of the Queen.

Some Royals want the Queen to ‘disown’ Meghan and Harry

Although the Queen — according to royal biographer Ingrid Seward — is forgiving and will not “cut off” the Sussexes, some members of the Royal Family allegedly want the Queen to “disown” the couple, Campbell claimed.

In another YouTube video, Campbell claimed that some members of the Royal Family want the Queen to “disown” Harry due to concerns about his plans to publish a tell-all book in 2022.

Campbell, the author of Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, claimed some members of the Royal Family shared the opinion held by many royal fans that the Queen should strip the Sussexes of their royal titles.

But she also agreed with Seward that the Queen was unlikely to “disown” her grandson.

Meghan and Harry accused of ‘arrogance’ and ‘lack of respect for the Queen’

In a related development, royal biographer Angela Levin slammed Meghan and Harry after they reportedly accused the Queen of not taking “full ownership” of their racism allegations against the Royal Family.

Levin accused the Sussexes of “arrogance” and “lack of respect for the Queen.”

Levin also claimed that Meghan “mocked the Queen” in a birthday video she uploaded to her Archewell website. The video showed actress Melissa McCarthy dressed in old-fashioned formal attire, sipping from a teacup.

Levin claimed that McCarthy’s dressing and accessories were meant to poke fun at the Queen.

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