Professional surfer Johanne Defay shares impressive ride along the waves

Johanne Defay selfie
Johanne Defay looks gorgeous as she effortlessly glows along the rippling waves. Pic credit: @johannedefay/Instagram

Johanne Defay is certainly a one-of-a-kind athlete with an impressive skillet, especially when it comes to surfing.

The professional surfer has many years of intense training under her belt and her incredible form along the waves certainly reflects that.

In her latest share, the athlete was captured ripping through the waves as she effortlessly glistened under the glowing sun.

As she did so, Johanne shared another short clip of her progress, and she looked phenomenal while doing so.

She sported a green one-piece while she rode on her pink surfboard.

Per usual, Johanne took to her Instagram account with the mesmerizing video as she shared the sunny fun with her 175,000+ followers.

Johanne Defay glistens and glows while riding along the waves

The surfer enjoyed her session along the ocean as she seemed to effortlessly rip in and out the waves in front of her.

Johanne donned a green cutout swimsuit that was designed by O’Neill, who she kindly tagged in the post. The suit hugged her body p, giving it gave her the support she needed during her practice session.

She also tagged Sharp Eye Surfboards in the clip, as it’s one of her go-to companies when it comes down to finding the perfect board.

To add a little upbeat energy to the clip, Johanne imputed the song Gold by Kiiara.

In the end, Johanne looked stunning as she successfully conquered another day of training.

The post was captioned, “Little surf before getting on the plane to bells! ?? ♀️✈️??❤️ ? ? @phacoach.”

Johanne Defay is a proud GoPro athlete

It comes as no surprise that Johanne spends a large amount of her time along the ocean as she continues to improve her surfing skills.

While she practices, the athlete loves sharing her progress, all thanks to the help of one of her favorite companies, GoPro.

In another beautiful collage on her Instagram feed, Johanne was captured in a series of sunny shots as she cruised along the beautiful blue water.

For most of the shots, the French beauty was caught in mid-action as the ocean water splashed up from her board while she sported a huge smile on her face.

Thankfully, Johanne had her GoPro handy, as it captured all of these beautiful mid-action moments.

Furthermore, Johanne is now a proud GoPro athlete and has worked with the company a handful of times, endlessly promoting their fantastic technology.

GoPro was founded back in 2002 and has evolved tremendously since then. The company sells an extensive selection of cameras that help people share and relieve their most beautiful memories, hence why Johanne has gravitated toward the company.

The French surfer has thoroughly enjoyed her GoPro camera over the years as it’s her go-to item that she takes on most of her surfing trips.

There’s not a day that goes by where Johanne isn’t expressing her love and deep admiration for the company.

Fans can now head to GoPro’s website to browse their wide selection of cameras while also learning more about their mission.

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