Professional surfer Johanne Defay shares beautiful ocean view while paddle training

Johanne Defay enjoys a nice paddle training.
Johanne Defay headed to the beautiful blue ocean to enjoy some fun. Pic credit: @johannedefay/Instagram

French surfer Johanne Defay glistened and glowed as beautifully as the baby blue water surrounding her.

The 29-year-old Olympian decided to take advantage of another sunny day as she cruised along the top of the water on her yellow surfboard.

Johanne informed her fans that she decided to partake in some paddle training lessons and seemed more than happy to do so.

In addition to the lessons, the French beauty was captured enjoying a leisurely swim under the water, accompanied by a school of Striped Damselfish.

Johanne was accompanied by her partner, Simon Paillard, who also snapped some shots during the surf session.

The athlete was kind enough to share this memorable collage of photos with her 174,000 followers on Instagram.

Johanne Defay shares a gorgeous view of the ocean

In the first slide, Johanne was captured from a birds-eye view as she propped herself up along her surfboard.

The Olympian sported a gorgeous multi-colored swimsuit that featured a large, cut-out design along her back. The suit was designed by one of her favorite companies, O’Neill.

Johanne coordinated the vibrant-colored swimsuit with a simple black hat that had her long locks tucked within it.

In the second slide, the surfer decided to hop off her board and instead snap a couple of shots in the water while she stood along the ocean reef.

In contrast to the second slide, on the next slide, Johanne decided to take things a step further as she completely dunked herself underwater and gracefully swam along the ocean floor.

The last few slides featured more paddling shots as she and her partner thoroughly enjoyed their sunny day Saint-Gilles-Les Bains.

The caption read, “Training playground was magnificent this morning 💙 Motivation was easy! I will be back surfing soon!
#paddletraining #GoProHERO11 #GoProTravel #GoProAthlete.”

Johanne Defay is a proud GoPro athlete

In another recent Instagram post, Johanne was captured cruising along the ocean while she cut in and out of the rippling waves.

Thankfully, the surfer had her GoPro with her as she further recorded the epic cruise.

Johanne is a proud GoPro athlete and has worked with the company a handful of times, endlessly promoting their fantastic technology.

GoPro was founded back in 2002 and has evolved tremendously since then. The company sells a wide range of cameras that help people share and relieve their most beautiful memories, hence why Johanne has gravitated toward the company.

The French surfer has undoubtedly enjoyed her GoPro camera over the years as it’s her go-to item that she takes on most of her trips.

For this post, Johanne was captured riding the waves in her black wetsuit while promoting her new Hero 11 GoPro camera.

There’s not a day that goes by where Johanne isn’t expressing her love and deep admiration for the company.

She captioned the post, “Meet #GoProHERO11 black 💃🏽👻 @gopro @goprofr.”

Fans can now head to GoPro’s official website to browse their wide selection of cameras while learning more about their mission.

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