Professional surfer Johanne Defay hits the beach for afternoon surf session

Johanne Defay close up.
Johanne Defay is stunning in her green swimsuit as she gets ready for a surf session. Pic credit: @johannedefay/Instagram

Johanne Defay left all her worries aside as she peacefully cruised along the beautiful blue ocean water.

The 29-year-old professional surfer was spotted paddling along the rippling water as she rested on top of her bright yellow surfboard.

The French native is certainly one of the best in her beloved sport as she is well respected in the industry.

Johanne is certainly a delight and a down-to-earth soul who is always spotted in the most stunning swimming apparel.

In her latest share, the surfer demonstrated just that.

Johanne was kind enough to share the incredible views with her 173,000 Instagram followers as she uploaded the shot onto her Story.

Johanne Defay is glowing while she enjoys the views of the ocean from her surfboard

In the sunny post, Johanne was spotted in her glistening green attire while she was completely in her element.

The athlete was spotted wearing a green, O’Neill swimsuit that hugged her body perfectly.

The one-piece looked fabulous on the surfer as it featured a cutesy cut-out design along the back.

Johanne accessorized with a classic black hat that protected her eyes from the glowing sun above her.

For this sunny surf session, the French beauty had her brown locks tightly pulled back into a bun that rested in the black cap.

Johanne Defay on her surfboard.
Johanne Defay gets ready for a nice, sunny surf session along the ocean in her curvy swimsuit. Pic credit: @johannedefay/Instagram

Overall, the athlete looked to be in a tranquil state of mind while she effortlessly glided along the ocean.

In the Story, Johanne credited both Go Pro and O’neill in the shot as she simply tagged their Instagram accounts.

Johanne Defay shares her workout routine and recovery process

In another recent post, Johanne shared her daily workout routine along with her recovery and rehab process.

The French surfer recently got an injury on her right foot which halted her training and practice for a couple of weeks.

However, Johanne seems to be on the incline as she’s slowly getting back to training. She’s also been incorporating a specialized recovery session at the end of each workout to properly heal along the way.

In this particular post, the athlete was captured doing various leg workouts with a training band as she aimed to strengthen her one injured leg and foot.

After her workout, Johanne was seen getting professional help from a physical therapist while together they stretched and strengthened her muscles one step at a time.

For her fit, the surfer wore a bright red pair of athletic leggings along with a gray, long-sleeved t-shirt, and a pair of comfy training sneakers.

Even though Johanne isn’t a hundred percent when it comes to her physical ability, at least she made the recovery process look easy, while amplifying a positive attitude.

The caption read, “Working on my next dreams z?❤️‍? progress ? @cerscapbreton#rehab #reeducation #reathletisation #blessure #reves #dreams #training #mindset #midweekmotivation.”

Fans can follow Johanne on Instagram to follow along with her recovery journey along with her other helpful workout videos.

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