Professional surfer Alessa Holloway shares perfect ocean view

Alessa Holloway selfie
Alessa Holloway is stunning as she poses along the ocean shoreline in her beautiful bikini. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway is quite the leading light when it comes to her skills as a professional surfer and her natural talent as a model.

In her latest share, the Hawaiian beauty proved just that.

Alessa was photographed along the beach as she stood along the ocean shoreline.

The athlete further leaned up against the closest rock as she struck a pose for the camera.

As expected, Alessa looked heavenly as she sported a cheeky bikini set.

The surfer enjoys sharing her beach shots on her Instagram feed, and that’s exactly what she did.

Alessa Holloway is beautiful in her Benoa Swim bikini

In the picturesque beach shot, Alessa stood under a gorgeous blue sky while she donned a nude-toned bikini set.

The set included a classic spaghetti strap top along with a pair of cheeky, high-waisted bottoms.

Alessa was even kind enough to mention the mastermind behind the bikini, tagging Benoa Swim at the bottom of the post.

Benoa Swim is an environmentally-friendly swimwear brand that uses 100% recycled fabric and 100% recycled mailers with carbon-neutral shipping.

The company certainly does its part in helping protect the environment, hence why Alessa constantly gravitates toward this amazing company.

More so, this isn’t the first time that the surfer has happily promoted the company, and from the looks of it, it certainly won’t be the last.

To complete this beach look, Alessa donned an assortment of pretty gold jewelry, which included a gold necklace and bracelet.

She let her wet hair naturally trickle down her back while she rocked a naturally glowing, makeup-free face.

Alessa Holloway happily promotes Billabong during her longboarding session

When Alessa isn’t busy catching a couple of rays along the beach, the surfer is instead cruising along the hills of Hawaii.

In another IG post, the athlete shared some fun moments from her scenic cruise around the hills on her longboard. As she did so, Alessa gave a shoutout to one of her favorite brands, Billabong.

Billabong is a surf and beach-inspired clothing company that sells a wide variety of stylish apparel and accessories. Given Billabong’s love for surf culture, it only made sense why Alessa quickly gravitated toward this particular company.

For this particular post, Alessa decided to style in Billabong’s high-waisted flare pants along with a matching halter top.

The bell-bottomed pants looked beautiful on the surfer as the vibrant floral-printed pattern looked heavenly against Alessa’s tanned complexion.

As she cruised around, the athlete sported a variety of flashy gold jewelry while her long brown hair blew in the wind behind her.

Without a doubt, Alessa was thoroughly enjoying her scenic Friday cruise as she looked effortlessly gorgeous while doing so.

She captioned the post, “Friday’s vibe ✨✌? @billabongwomens.”

Fans can now head to Billabong’s website to browse this floral collection, along with their other new collections as well.

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