Professional skateboarder Leticia Bufoni shares sunny ocean view from her boat

Leticia Bufoni selfie
Leticia Bufoni shares a stellar view as she drives her boat along the baby-blue ocean water. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia Bufoni took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather with her new water toy.

The skateboarder has been out on the water doing some boating while donned in a gorgeous green bikini.

The six-time X-Games gold medalist uploaded a series of beautiful shots and video clips as she made sure to capture the special moment.

Leticia held her phone in one hand while she steered her boat with the other.

As she did so, the beautiful baby blue ocean water surrounded her in the foreground, along with an array of bright green hills.

The pro skateboarder made sure she dressed accordingly for this warm sunny day as she styled in a vibrant-colored bikini, looking more glamorous than ever.

Thankfully, Leticia posted this scenic series of shots with her 4.2 million followers via Instagram.

Leticia Bufoni shares an incredible ocean view as she steers her boat in her bikini

As Leticia happily cruised around the water, soaking up the sunlight, she donned a matching green bikini set. The vibrant set included a teeny spaghetti strap top and a pair of matching string bikini bottoms that peeked out from the bottom of the shot.

She coordinated the set with a gray Red Bull hat, which helped protect her eyes from the glowing sun.

She further accessorized with a pair of flashy silver earrings, a Nike necklace, and a cutesy silver belly-button ring.

She completed this fun ocean look by sporting a full face of makeup while her hair was pulled back and tucked into the Red Bull hat.

Leticia Bufoni shares epic ocean view
Leticia Bufoni is gorgeous as she effortlessly glows along the ocean. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

The Brazilian athlete recently made all of her dreams come true as she happily performed an epic skateboarding trick in the same airplane that was used in the Fast and Furious movie.

Leticia Bufoni recently teamed up with Red Bull

For this special project, Leticia teamed up with Red Bull to successfully conquer a stunt that she had been envisioning for a while, and in a typical Leticia fashion, she made her vision come to life.

The skateboarder left her worries aside as she courageously performed the stunt at an altitude of 9,000 feet.

More so, in a recent throwback shot that she shared on her Instagram, Leticia was captured in mid-action as she rode along the metal bar that traveled right along the edge of the plane.

As she nailed this impressive trick, the Brazilian beauty wore all-black Nike gear. Leticia donned a low-cut Nike sports bra and styled it with matching black, high-waisted athletic leggings.

She coordinated the cutesy black Nike fit with a pair of baby pink Vans, giving the outfit a perfect splash of color.

Leticia completed the Sky Grind look by rocking her vibrant pink hairdo as her locks blew in the wind behind her.

She even sported a multicolored Red Bull helmet for safety precautions, along with a black Red Bull backpack that provided her with the essentials to land on the ground safely.

The post was captioned, “Flying into the weekend like ? Would you do it?? ? #flashbackfriday “SkyGrind” @redbull.”

Interested fans can now watch the full version of the Sky Grind footage on Leticia’s YouTube Channel, along with many more of her daring adventures.

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