Professional skateboarder Leticia Bufoni enjoys last day in South Africa

Leticia Bufoni selfie.
Leticia Bufoni enjoys her last day in South Africa as she goes poolside in her teeny bikini. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Twitter

Leticia Bufoni certainly is a force to reckon with, as she is always on the move and ready to conquer her next endeavor.

The six-time X-Games gold medalist has certainly proven to be one of the best in her beloved sports, and she continues to improve and grow every day.

Leticia always finds a new adventure or some sort of exhilarating activity to indulge in if it’s not involving her skateboard.

However, the Brazilian beauty also knows how to balance her work and playtime, and in her latest share, she demonstrated just that.

Leticia snapped a sunny selfie of herself while she enjoyed one of her last days in South Africa.

The pro skateboarder decided to lay low for a day and enjoy the warm sunshine along the pool instead.

Leticia Bufoni looks gorgeous as she snaps a sunny selfie in her teeny bikini

Leticia was kind enough to upload a sunny shot onto her Instagram Story, sharing it with her 4.2 million followers.

In the Story, the athlete stretched her arm out as she snapped a quick selfie.

Leticia looked phenomenal as she rocked a beautiful, teeny bikini. The bikini set included a leopard-print top, along with a pair of cheeky, black bikini bottoms.

Both pieces sculpted the skateboarder’s body perfectly as it accentuated her incredibly toned figure.

She coordinated the pretty bikini with a green Red Bull hat and a pair of black, oversized sunglasses.

As she snapped the mesmerizing shot, Leticia beautifully smiled while she had her blonde locks tied back into a ponytail.

At the bottom of the IG Story, she wrote, “Last day in SA. The Calm before the storm 😎 ☀️.”

Leticia Bufoni selfie.
Leticia Bufoni shares a sunny selfie as she enjoys her last day in South Africa. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia Bufoni teamed up with Red Bull to create Sky Grind footage

The Brazilian Olympian athlete made all of her dreams come true as she recently performed an epic trick in the same airplane from the Fast and Furious movie.

Leticia teamed up with Red Bull for the performance, a stunt that she had been envisioning for a while, and in a typical Leticia fashion, she made her vision come to life.

The pro skateboarder took on some serious air as she performed the stunt at an altitude of 9,000 feet.

In a recent throwback shot that she shared, Leticia was captured in mid-action as she cruised along the metal bar seconds before she departed from the plane.

As she nailed the trick, the athlete geared up some classic black Nike gear. Leticia sported a low-cut Nike sports bra and styled it with matching black high-waisted athletic leggings.

She coordinated the black Nike fit with a pair of baby pink Vans, giving the outfit a perfect pop of color.

Leticia rocked her vibrant pink hairdo as her locks further blew in the wind behind her while she wore a Red Bull helmet for safety precautions.

The Brazilian beauty also wore a full set of skydiving gear which was placed in her backpack that she had resting along her shoulders.

Without a doubt, fans were incredibly eager to see their favorite skateboarder land a sick trick in mid-air while simultaneously free-falling out of a plane.

The caption read, “Flying into the weekend like 😜 Would you do it?? 😈 #flashbackfriday “SkyGring” @redbull @redbullbr.”

If fans haven’t already, they can now watch the full version of the Sky Grind footage on Leticia’s YouTube Channel.

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