Professional boxer Avril Mathie shares a killer selfie before quick run

Avril Mathie close up.
Avril Mathie snaps a quick selfie before a nice, relaxing run. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

No matter the circumstances, Avril Mathie has seemed to carry on with a positive attitude accompanied by a huge smile that is always present on her face.

In her latest share, the professional boxer demonstrated that yet again.

Avril was captured in her full-length mirror as she snapped a quick selfie before her daily run.

Per usual, the boxing champion geared up in some stylish athletic wear while she sported a beautiful smile.

Avril stood confidently in her gray and white-styled space while she wrote, “brb going for a run.”

The Australian beauty certainly didn’t hesitate when it came to uploading this stellar shot as she shared it with her 293,000 followers via her Instagram Story.

Avril Mathie shows off her killer body before a nice run

It would only make sense with a profession like Avril’s that she would need to stay on her feet at all times while maintaining a pretty active lifestyle.

Well, the athlete has proved just that. In the selfie that she shared, Avril looked happier than ever as she got ready to conquer another successful cardio session.

For her cardio fit, the boxer wore a bright white, low-cut sports bra that featured a multicolored striped pattern along the waistband at the bottom.

She coordinated the sports bra with a pair of black, low-rise athletic shorts. The black shorts were designed by Under Armour, which had their name spelled out in gray along the top of the shorts.

Avril decided to wear a pair of white and lime green-trimmed sneakers for her footwear essentials.

Avril Mathie shares a mirror selfie.
Avril Mathie shares a stunning mirror selfie before enjoying a nice run as part of her daily routine. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

The brunette beauty also sported a bright white Apple Watch and a long silver necklace.

Per usual, Avril wore her hair up into a bun while her makeup-free face naturally glistened in the shot.

Avril Mathie shares her intense training and workout routine

In another Instagram post, the Australian beauty kindly shared a video clip of her vigorous training schedule, which featured her trainer this time around.

In the clip, Avril moved swiftly on her feet while practicing her punches and overall form with her trainer.

She continued to practice her jabs while she swayed back and forth within the training ring.

For this intense session, the athlete sported a matching brown athletic set. The brown set included a scoop-neck sports bra and a pair of high-waisted biker shorts.

She added a pair of bright red training sneakers that gave the fit a little extra pop of color while providing Avril with support.

While she trained, the boxing champ kept her long hair tied back into a bun while she rocked a gorgeous, makeup-free face.

The caption read, “I keep going when the going isn’t really going… that’s patience 💪🏽 🥊 @hayabusacombat.”

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