Pro surfer Tia Blanco shows off aerial tricks

Tia Blanco
Tia Blanco arches her back while doing aerial tricks. Pic credit: @tiablanco

Staying in good shape comes naturally for Tia Blanco, who makes a living by catching waves in the ocean as a professional surfer.

She’s also a plant-based Yogi who is constantly moving her body with different forms of exercise.

The talented athlete recently shared a picture showing off her aerial skills in yoga clothes that fit her body perfectly.

She opened up with her fans and followers about her favorite time of the day and some of the lovely rituals she enjoys for herself.

Not long before that, Tia shared a picture wearing a wetsuit in a solid color that was bright enough to catch anyone’s eye.

As she prepared to go surfing on a Sunday during the fall season, she was looking just as gorgeous as ever.

Tia Blanco looks amazing in JOLYN

Tia wore a tan-colored matching set of yoga clothes by JOLYN while showing off an impressive yoga move in an Instagram picture. Her high-waisted leggings hugged the curves of her hips and thighs while loosening up around her ankles.

Her sports bra could double as a crop top in a color that paired perfectly with her leggings. She was barefoot for the snaps and accessorized with a pair of small hoop earrings and a gold bracelet around one wrist.

Tia’s long brown hair hung back behind her head as she stretched out in an elegant way for the camera.

She added a caption that said, “Over the years I’ve learned how to be more of a morning person & lately the mornings have become my favorite part of the days.”

She went on to explain that yoga and soaking up the light of every new day are two things important in her morning ritual.

Tia Blanco is pretty in pink wearing a Jonesea Wetsuit

Tia posed with her surfboard in a hot pink wetsuit designed by the brand Jonesea. The wetsuit was skin-tight and snug enough to show off the curves of her midsection, hips, and legs.

It was completely pink, aside from the black emblem on her upper chest and the white label printed along the side of her calf. The beauty wore a pair of black water shoes that were covered in sand but opted to skip out on all other accessories.

Her pink surfboard perfectly matched her wetsuit — aside from a few splashes of color near the bottom. The surfboard also had some red, yellow, green, and purple hues and was finished with a black strap.

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