Pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb shows fans how she stays fit and strong for surfing comps

Tatiana Weston-Webb working out
Tatiana Weston-Webb looked fantastic while working out. Pic credit: @tatiwest/Instagram

Tatiana Weston-Webb is trying to get fans pumped up with her latest workout. The pro-surfer was spotted doing a full-body workout and encouraged her followers to do the same. 

She was wearing multi-colored bike shorts with a black racer-back top. Her outfit came from Body Glove, which sent her workout gear. She decided not to wear sneakers with this look and do the whole workout barefoot.  

The professional athlete embraced her natural beauty and was barefaced during her session.  

To keep her hair out of her face, the blonde put her hair in a messy top knot.  

The full-body workout came courtesy of Iane Valle, a personal trainer who works with Time Brazil to facilitate Olympic-level training.  

While fans are used to seeing Tatiana in the ocean, she stunned while performing kettlebell swings, Romanian deadlifts, and so much more.  

Tatiana Weston-Webb breaks down her breakfast 

Tatiana Weston-Webb is known for her surfing and being a fantastic athlete. However, being a great athlete requires fueling the body with the right foods. In her interview with Women’s Fitness, she explained exactly what she eats at home to stay healthy and energized. 

She told the publication, “At home, my breakfast always starts with a protein-packed smoothie bowl. My ingredients vary, but I always put in my supplements. Youtheory Collagen Powder, MCT oil, Youtheory Maca powder, and reishi.” 

Due to constraints and constant traveling, sometimes she admitted that she switches it up when she is away from home.  

“On the road, we don’t always have blenders, so it’s sometimes difficult to make smoothies, so then I just go simple, two eggs with avocado on toast.” 

It’s important for Tatiana to start her day off right, so she can compete and make better choices throughout the day. 

Tatiana Weston-Webb prepares for the Olympics  

Tatiana Weston-Webb is serious about competing in the Olympics, as was evident in a video shared on social media. She wore a grey Body Glove T-shirt with black spandex shorts that showed off the surfer’s toned legs. 

 She kept the accessories simple with a black LA baseball cap.  

The professional surfer did a full-body workout outside and decided to work with her body weight instead of adding weights. 

She was training for the 2023 session, which could lead to her officially competing in the Olympics in 2024. With all the hard work she is showing, it will surely pay off in her competition.  

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