Pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb gives fans an up close view as she expertly rides a surfboard

Tatiana Weston-Webb smiles into the camera.
Pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb shows off her expert skills in a tiny bikini. Pic credit: @tatiwest/Instagram

Pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb was stunning in a bikini as she surfed the waves.

The tiny bikini had soft pastel colors in blue, pink, and purple that nicely brought out the athlete’s complexion. The style of the swimsuit allowed the camera to capture her amazing physique.

Tatiana’s hair was wet and slicked back from her dip in the ocean. She expertly surfed the waves and smiled with true happiness as she did so.

The Brazilian-American surfer was surrounded by beautiful nature that was just as breathtaking as she was. The sea roared with life and the blue sky was lovely and freckled with white clouds.

Tatiana went on to show her fans what a typical day for her is like. She rinsed off from her surf, had a meeting, ate lunch followed by marine collagen, played tennis with her friend, and finally she finished her day by making dinner.

Needless to say, her day was fulfilling and exhausting all at the same time. The 26-year-old athlete posted the video on Wednesday and it received well over 7,000 likes.

Tatiana Weston-Webb models for Body Glove

Tatiana posted an adorable video modeling in swimsuits from Body Glove, that proved this athlete can look gorgeous in any swimsuit that comes her way.

The swimsuits featured included a backless and floral one piece with long sleeves, a small multicolored bikini that she paired with a bucket hat, a black bikini with a bright floral pattern, and another floral one piece with long sleeves.

Each swimsuit was fashionable and complemented the athlete’s amazing figure. Tatiana looked incredible in each, and it’s clear why the brand would want her as a model.

Tatiana included in her caption, “comment below which is your favorite 1,2,3 or 4!”

Tatiana Weston-Webb is a surfing sea goddess

Tatiana posted a phenomenal photo of herself as she surfed amidst a giant blue wave. She seemed at one with the tides, and she was like a sea goddess simply communicating with nature in the way she knows best.

The light hit the waves at the perfect angle to show off a lovely blue color that became translucent as it waved out of the water. A touch of the soft blue sky was visible above the crashing water, for a truly picturesque shot.

The post received over 7,000 likes.

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