Pro surfer Tati West teases new content coming soon as she rides the waves on her surfboard

Tati West in front of the ocean.
Tati West at the beach. Pic credit: @tatiwest/Instagram

Tatiana Weston-Webb, aka Tati West, makes surfing look easy based on all of her incredible ocean moves. In reality, it takes tons of training to achieve her skill level.

The pro surfer and Olympian resides in Hawaii and spends more time than ever wearing trendy bikinis while clutching her surfboard.

Her latest Instagram video on her pink surfboard leaves little to the imagination because of how tiny her swimsuit is.

Tati is all about business when it comes to the brands she’s connected to and the businesses she promotes on her account.

Every once in a while, though, she is happy to post about her fun experiences out in the deep blue sea.

The bikini she wore while surfing on camera for an upcoming Instagram Reel is way too attractive to ignore.

Tati West looks amazing on her surfboard

Tati showed the world just how comfortable she is maintaining her balance on a surfboard while wearing an incredibly small bikini. The two-piece was designed with a triangle bikini top that tied together behind her neck with two strings.

It came in a purple color with blue and lavender stripes that matched perfectly. Since Tati was in the water, her blonde hair was wet and slicked back out of her face.

Tati West surfing
Tati West riding her surfboard. Pic credit: @tatiwest/Instagram

She also didn’t have any makeup on, although her sun-kissed skin was glowing. In her caption, she opened up about the Instagram Reel she plans to post soon.

Tati West makes every bikini looks fabulous

In a gorgeous picture Tati shared on Instagram during the spring, she wore another two-piece swimsuit that totally dazzled. The top of the swimsuit was made with an underwire and cups. It also had skinny spaghetti straps.

The bottoms were designed to look like typical swimwear with thin straps around her hips that didn’t require any bow tying. Tati showed off her incredibly fit physique in the photo since the two-piece didn’t hide an inch of skin over her stomach.

Her incredibly toned abs were easy to see. Her upper chest, shoulders, and arms were visible too. Tati’s hips and thighs looked defined and strong as she walked through the water, dragging her surfboard behind her.

She wore her bright blonde hair parted to the side and elegantly swept over one shoulder. The sun reflected off the strands of her hair, causing her to look angelic and beautiful.

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