Pro surfer Johanne Defay takes an ocean break to enjoy her snacks

Johanne Defay smiles at the camera.
Pro surfer Johanne Defay enjoyed tasty snacks in the ocean. Pic credit: @johannedefay/Instagram

Pro surfer Johanne Defay was gorgeous in a bikini as she enjoyed healthy snacks in the ocean.

The bikini was black with neon orange, purple, and yellow trimming. The style of the bikini allowed the camera to capture Johanne’s incredible abs and toned figure.

Johanne accessorized with a white watch as well as several bracelets. The professional surfer let her long brown hair loose and whisk around her in the ocean air.

The 29-year-old Olympian‘s beautiful beach environment was just as lovely, with crystal clear blue waters that rippled around the athlete. Johanne posed with her surfboard at her side in the stunning photoshoot.

Johanne enjoyed a treat from Baouw Organic Nutrition, which looked absolutely delicious and certainly healthy. The French athlete posted the series of photos to Instagram on Tuesday and included in her caption, “Who’s a big fan of snacking ? Snacking, yes, but healthy snacks.”

Her overall look was athletic, energized, and happy.

Johanne Defay shows off her impressive strength to promote Private Sport Shop

Johanne is an accomplished surfer, and she has used her strength and talent to partner with companies that tie into her brand. She recently posted an inspiring video that showed off her abilities to promote Private Sport Shop.

The surfer worked out her arms, legs, and more and a very intensive workout regimen, which she captured on film.

Johanne let her 174,000 followers know about an amazing giveaway, in which all they needed to do was follow Private Sport Shop and then tag their friends to be entered for the chance to win.

Private Sport Shop is an outdoor sporting goods company that sells a variety of amazing products.

The impressive video earned over 3,000 likes.

Johanne Defay stuns in a bikini

Johanne has a busy schedule as a professional athlete, but she also takes much-needed time to relax. She recently posted a stunning series of photos in a pastel bikini with a breathtaking view.

The athlete looked incredible in the blue-green pastel bikini that complemented her athletic figure. Her long hair flowed behind her as she posed with her surfboard by a gorgeous beach.

Translated into English, Johanne’s caption read, “A little summer vibes in your winter feed.” She followed this with an array of emojis.

She went on to say in her caption, “Seeing these pictures kinda makes me miss my long hair finally.”

The post earned over 6,000 likes from Johanne’s fans.

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