Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley stuns in printed bikini

Anastasia Ashley close up
Anastasia Ashley looked amazing for a morning post. Pic credit: ©

Anastasia Ashley showed the world how to really rise and shine yesterday, greeting the day in a revealing two-piece swimsuit.

The 35-year-old professional surfer posed in front of a sliding glass door on an oceanfront balcony while staying at Punta Mita, a lavish resort surrounded by white-sand beaches and lush landscapes.

Anastasia sported an animal-print bikini for the snap that highlighted her sculpted physique.

Equally eye-catching was the luminous smile spread across her makeup-free face, a direct reflection of her vibrant personality and ever-positive attitude.

Anastasia grabbed ahold of her wavy, ombre locks for the pic, pulling them aside either to stay cool or to keep all focus on her fit figure (or both!).

She tagged the resort on the post, adding a simple “Morning” for her followers.

Anastasia Ashley in bikini
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Naturally, that wasn’t the only jaw-dropping photo to come from Anastasia’s Punta Mita getaway, and the ensemble she wore to dinner last night is definitely worth gushing over!

Anastasia Ashley sizzled in bright pink outfit for paradise dinner

Anastasia turned heads at Punta Mita’s renowned Kupuri Beach Club last night in a showstopping pink ensemble that won’t soon be forgotten.

The striking sports model strutted into the beach club like she owned the place, which she could totally get away with, given the fabulosity of her appearance.

Anastasia wore a shiny two-piece set with a tiny, halter-style bikini top and pants featuring large cutouts on both hips.

She kept her makeup minimal and let her hair go wild and free with natural, beachy texture flowing in the breeze.

While the outfit screamed glam, Anastasia kept it humble with the accessories, adding nothing more than a small neon green wrist tie and matching platform flip-flops.

Anastasia Ashley in pink
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Anastasia Ashley shared GRWM video for CELSIUS promotion

Anastasia recently invited her fans to get ready with her for a surfing session as part of a promotion for CELSIUS Energy Drinks, and needless to say, the people were stoked.

The gorgeous athlete began in a white loungewear set over a blue bikini accentuating her toned body.

She then worked her way into a super tight pink, purple, and black wetsuit before grabbing her surfboard and hitting the beach.

Anyone who follows Anastasia knows she’s a proud ambassador for CELSIUS, as she often shares the brand’s products on her Instagram.

She typically touts the outstanding energy-boosting properties of the drinks for helping her keep up with such an active lifestyle.

She captioned the share, “GRWM to surf.. who else thinks thinks getting in and outta a wetsuit is a workout in itself? Thanks @celsiusofficial for the new flavor keeping me amped and comfy sweats,” adding a few hashtags for the brand.

Now, it’s clear how Anastasia maintains her energy levels, and for those wondering how she got her enviable curves, the answer is simple: Surfing.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she shared the physical benefits of the sport, saying, “Surfing is a full-body workout. When you’re riding the board and balancing, you use your legs for balance and stability. And because you’re always squatting, which is an uncomfortable and abnormal body position, it challenges your butt and legs.”

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