Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley stuns in mirror selfie ahead of surf session

Anastasia Ashley close up
Anastasia Ashley stunned in a bikini. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Anastasia Ashley snapped the mirror selfie to end all mirror selfies yesterday, unveiling her gorgeous figure in a black bikini.

The 35-year-old professional surfer snapped a mirror selfie while staying at Punta Mita, a luxurious resort surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, including white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Her athletic frame looked amazing in the swimsuit, which featured a triangle-style top and matching bottoms set high on her hips.

Much like her adventurous spirit, Anastasia let her hair go wild and free with natural texture and sun-kissed highlights.

She covered her eyes with a pair of chic black sunglasses and bypassed all accessories except a single black hair tie on her wrist.

Clearly keeping her priorities straight in paradise, she wrote, “first thing: bikini on.”

Anastasia Ashley in bikini
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Anastasia Ashley shared GRWM video for CELSIUS partnership

Anastasia sported a tight wetsuit to promote CELSIUS Energy Drinks over the weekend, simultaneously showing off her jaw-dropping physique.

The stunning model started the trendy GRWM video off in a white loungewear set over a flattering blue bikini.

From there, she slipped into a skintight pink, purple, and black wetsuit before hitting the waves.

As a brand ambassador for CELSIUS, Anastasia frequently shares the product on her social media page, praising its incredible energy-boosting properties for helping maintain an active lifestyle.

The company also claims to empower its clients by torching fat and accelerating metabolism. 

She captioned the share, “GRWM to surf.. who else thinks thinks getting in and outta a wetsuit is a workout in itself? Thanks @celsiusofficial for the new flavor keeping me amped and comfy sweats,” adding a few hashtags for the brand.

Anastasia Ashley went surfing in one-piece swimsuit

Anastasia dazzled her 1M followers with a recent post, highlighting not only her surf skills but also her fit figure.

Set to the tune of Floor Seats by A$AP Ferg, the five-foot-eight beauty could be seen maneuvering her way through the waves with complete and total control.

Her glowing complexion glistened against the blue backdrop, and with every quick turn of the board, fans got a glimpse of the tan lines on her famous derrière.

“3 turns to the beach 😎,” she wrote.

Of course, surfing is Anastasia’s go-to for a full-body workout, but she also spends her fair share of time in the gym to stay in shape.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she spilled all the tea on her typical exercise routine, saying, “While cardio alone won’t keep you toned, I walk on a treadmill at a high incline, climb on the StairMaster, and do lots of quick intervals.”

She also shared her secrets for achieving the perfect booty, “to make your butt look good, you have to work your abs to sculpt your waist. This creates the illusion of an hourglass figure that ends up accentuating your butt.”

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