Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley stuns in black bikini

Anastasia Ashley poses at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards
As she set out to catch some waves, Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley looked stunning in a black bikini. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Professional surfer Anastasia Ashley stunned in a black bikini as she waded through shallow water.

The 35-year-old surfer donned the black bikini to catch some waves at the beach. It’s a common routine for Ashley, who spends most of her days on the water for practice.

She smiled brightly as she walked towards the camera with her surfboard in hand. The video played slowly enough to capture her toned abs and surfer body.

Aside from her bikini, she didn’t wear any accessories except a light blue bracelet around her wrist.

Ashley seemed to have caught a couple of waves, as her dark hair was noticeably damp.

However, she warned that she was “On my way to steal your wave” in her caption, followed by a wave emoji.

Anastasia Ashley stunned during surfing session

Ashley’s short video perfectly captured her athletic physique, as well as how comfortable and at ease, she is in the water with her tight, tightened surfboard.

Ashley frequently shares her surfing adventures and outfits with her one million Instagram followers. She typically slays with a different bikini, one-piece, or bodysuit for every single picture.

In the last video she posted before her black bikini video, she filmed herself and her surfboard sinking into a pool in Bali. She wore a sheer teal bikini for that video.

While the pool in Bali wasn’t quite big enough for her to surf in, Ashley had surfed in a pool before. She recently surfed at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, the largest outdoor wave pool in North America.

Ashley donned a long-sleeve light pink and baby blue swimsuit for the special occasion which she called a dream come true.

Regardless of where her surfing takes her, she is always dripping with style whenever she hits the water.

Ashley’s career as a pro surfer

Ashley has been surfing ever since she was just five years old. She had always been athletic and sporty, but surfing was something that clicked with her immediately.

Unfortunately, her family couldn’t afford a surfboard for her, forcing her to borrow from others. This greatly limited how much time she could spend surfing, though.

Then, at age six, she discovered an old surfboard someone had thrown away and claimed it as her own. With her board, she could quickly show the world her talent for surfing.

It didn’t take long for her, a natural at surfing, to start signing up for and winning contests. By age seven, a surfboard sponsor came along to replace her board with several new ones, and she has been surfing ever since.

By 2014 she was even trying her hand at big wave surfing, a discipline that had previously been largely male-dominated.

In addition to being a professional surfer, Ashley has also found success as a swimsuit model and even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2014.

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