Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley shows off incredible figure in stunning swimwear

Anastasia Ashley
Anastasia Ashley had a little early fall fun as she donned a one-piece for a swim session. Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley looked to be enjoying a little early fall water time as she stunned in a fun one-piece.

The athlete, who won the title of Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award when she was just 16, posed for a photo while wearing a very tropical-themed swimsuit.

Leaving her sunkissed, wavy locks down in a side sweep over her forehead, Anastasia gave off major summer vibes despite the impending colder days and months ahead.

Appearing to leave her face free from makeup, the 35-year-old talent gave a winning smile at the lens, captioning the shot with, “Bikinis everyday here!” before tagging the swim line Aokai Swim.

Anastasia put her fit physique on view in the stunning one-piece suit, her toned, muscular legs stretching out beneath the angled, hip-hugging curve of her swimsuit’s bottom half.

Propping her hands on her waist, the surfer stood in ankle-deep waters in what seemed to be a pool, straw-covered huts surrounding her in the background while a lush, green tree towered over her head.

The pale pink, green, and white bathing suit added just the right amount of color to play off her subtly-tanned skin, while the high neckline proved that the competitor doesn’t need revealing wear to make a statement.

Anastasia Ashley stuns in a one-piece swimsuit.
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Her social media page showed viewers a better image of the swimsuit, with the surfer working it as she rocked some poses and turned her back around to let the thong backside be seen.

While the surfer continues to share glimpses of her world with her fans, Anastasia primarily puts her energy into her chosen sport. She seems to love sharing tidbits about her wave-riding with the populace.

Anastasia Ashley is a ‘fearless athlete’

In an interview with Refinery 29 a few years ago, Anastasia talked about how she discovered her natural talent for tackling the ocean’s ferocity, telling the publication she knew from the first moment she rode a wave that she was destined to surf.

“I truly knew this is what I’m going to be doing the rest of my life,” Anastasia said of the time when she was six years old and first took to a surfboard. “It gave me a feeling like nothing else in the world.”

As a role model to younger girls aspiring to achieve the same levels of surfing success, Anastasia added that she takes her profession seriously, saying, “I want to be out there and show you can be a strong, fearless, independent athlete and be a woman.”

She later described her own childhood, telling Refinery 29 that she herself struggled to find her footing in the pro-surfing world and looked up to those few female role models who were in the field at the time.

“Growing up, it wasn’t a cool thing to be a female athlete or a female surfer,” she said. “It taught me to be strong and do what I love.” 

Though clearly striving to be a good mentor and motivator for other young athletes, Anastasia also has proven that she knows how to have a fun time.

Anastasia Ashley rocks a bikini for birthday celebration

In February, Anastasia sported a flirty two-piece while welcoming another trip around the sun.

Rocking a skimpy, pink bikini with stringy hip ties and a halter-style neck design with identical tied strings, Anastasia looked serene as she waded through the ocean with her hand resting lightly on her surfboard.

With her social media star continuing to rise and her surfing prowess continuing to impress the masses, followers and young athletes alike will surely want to keep their eyes on the star to see what is up for her next.

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